Best Togu products in the Balance cushion category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Togu products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Togu Dynair

Dynair ball cushion is an air-filled and dynamic training and therapy device. It is regarded as an uncomplicated and space-saving alternative to the large ball and is used as an unstable base for back and fitness training in sitting, standing and lying position. 

2. Togu Dynair Senso ball cushion

With every movement, however small, the cushion reacts to the body through the flexible air filling and thus gently keeps the intervertebral discs in motion. In addition, the muscles of the spinal column are trained unnoticed while sitting, and this can actively contribute to optimizing the upright posture. However, the movement happens quite incidentally and does not distract. A side with soft pimples that allow good air circulation while sitting; also pleasant for back and foot massage. A classic site for various exercise possibilities or also for sitting. 

3. Togu Moonhopper

Many possible applications for indoor and outdoor use. Load capacity: 45 kg. For fitness, dexterity, sense of balance and muscle strengthening. With needle valve. The Togu Moonhopper combines sport and play in an ingenious way and is available in 2 versions: for children and adults. The Moonhopper is ideal for play parties, birthday parties, as play equipment for the schoolyard or for leisure time. Children can use it to jump on the spot or skilfully jump through a course - even obstacle jumping is possible. Therefore, the versatile bouncing ball with the stand plate is also ideal for club and school sports. The Togu Moonhopper is not only fun - it also keeps you fit and trains balance and motor skills. Suitable for children from about 5 years, possibly with assistance at the beginning. 

4. Togu Dynair Kids

The Togu Dynair wedge ball cushion: Supports back and thighs - With the orthopaedic Togu Dynair wedge ball cushion, you keep your intervertebral discs in motion and strengthen the back muscles in an automatically upright sitting position. The even distribution of pressure also supports the thighs. One side of the wedge seat cushion is equipped with gentle Senso nubs. These provide an additional massage effect. The other side is smooth like the Dynair Senso ball cushion. - Product details: - Latex-free - Pressure regulation through needle valve Target group: children - Filling: air - Area of application: spine, back, legs, back, spine, legs - Max. Max. load: 200 kg - Material: ruton - Colour: turquoise - Dimensions: 29x29x6 cm 

5. Togu Jumper Pro

TOGU Balance Board Jumper Pro, color: red, shape: Round.

6. Togu Aerostep

Find your balance, gain equilibrium, develop reaction and reflexes with the Aero-Step. With the air-filled 2-chamber system, training and playing on the Aero-Step becomes a movement experience with a fun guarantee. Load capacity: 200 kg. 

7. Togu Dynair Wedge Comfort

The new Dynair Comfort Wedge Ball Cushion is an ergonomically formed and air-filled seat cushion for active and moving sitting. With the effective relief zone it is ideal for longer sitting, e.g. in the office, and the perfect combination of the original ball cushion and wedge cushion in one product. The newly developed material Ruton is more comfortable, odourless and very resilient (up to approx. 200kg). The product is latex-free and contains no prohibited phthalates. The perfect combination of a wedge cushion and a ball cushion filled with air gives you a pleasant and secure sitting feeling with balance effect and enables you to sit in motion even over a longer period of time. The air filling produces many small, fine movements, which are transferred to the back muscles and the spine through constant balancing. This activates your back muscles while sitting and relieves back pain and discomfort. The back is relieved effectively and simply. The intervertebral discs are gently kept in motion and the posture can be constantly varied while sitting. 

8. Togu Brasil set of 2

TOGU Brasil 2er Set New now with optimised weight filling. What are the TOGU® Brasil®: The TOGU Brasil - made in Germany - are small, handy deep muscle trainers made of ruton. The material Ruton is odourless and of extremely high quality. The product is latex-free and does not contain any banned phthalates (according to EU Directive 2005/84/EC). TOGU Brasil comes with a 30-year manufacturer's guarantee. What is the effect of the application? The TOGU Brasil provide targeted movement feedback (shaking effect) due to their intelligent filling of air and weight. The deep muscle trainer for health and figure causes on the one hand a tightening of the tissue and strengthening of the deep muscles. On the other hand, the TOGU Brasil are ideal for preventive back training. How do they work? The TOGU Brasil meet all requirements for an effective abdominal-legs-buttocks training and for a modern back and health training. With this handy product from TOGU, the deep muscles can be worked in small training units. In targeted exercises where the Brasil is shaken in small movement amplitudes, a reflexive tensing of the entire torso can be achieved through the special filling. You receive optimal movement feedback and also work in a way that is easy on the joints thanks to the ideal size and low own weight (200g). Technical data: Weight: 2x approx. 200 g Scope of delivery: set of 2 in polybag with instructions. 

9. Togu Dynair Ball Cushion Senso Plus

10. Togu Dynair Senso