Sports tights

Tights can also be called leggings or sports tights. Sports tights are tight-fitting sports pants that are very popular for many sports. Especially when doing yoga or jogging this kind of sports pants is very popular. Tights are available in different trouser cut lengths such as 3/ 4, 7/ 8, short or long. The leggings are especially characterized by their comfortable fit and materials. Typical materials are lycra, spandex, nylon, cotton and polyester, which provide for a pleasant wearing comfort and good mobility.
The ladies love to wear tights because they are as comfortable as jogging pants and still look chic as tights. Tights are therefore the ideal solution for sports and leisure. Tights are also worn by men to minimize the risk of injury during sports. The tights keep the muscles warm and compress the muscles so that the blood circulation is stimulated and the risk of injury is reduced. Tights are often worn under the shorts when playing football or running, so as not to risk injury in cold temperatures.