Sports tights

Leggings: Probably the cosiest and most comfortable garment in the world for women. Today's modern form appeared in the 1960s and since then many people cannot imagine their wardrobe without them. Tights are similar to pantyhose, but do not have feet, but usually end at the ankle. However, there are also models that are shorter and have a cut similar to capri pants. Especially typical materials for sport leggings are lycra, spandex, nylon, cotton and polyester. With a playful little dress or fluttery skirt, but also with long sweaters or cardigans, tights are an optimal solution for the female look. Thanks to the elastic stretch fabric the leggings are almost as comfortable as jogging pants and yet just as chic as tights. 

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Daehlie - W Pants Raw 3.0

Freddy - Fitness Set (L)

Daehlie - M Pants Raw 3.0

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Only Play - Fast Shape Up Training

Puma - Explosive Heather 7/8 Tight (S)

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Asics - Tokyo Highwaist (S)

Black Diamond - Levitation Hose

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Freddy - Fitness Set

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Everlast - Running

Only Play - Alix Hw 7/8 Training Tights

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