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Ski and snowboard bags simplify your journey with the ski or snowboard equipment. A ski bag or board bag is usually light, robust and made of waterproof material. This protects your skis, snowboards, poles and boots during transport. Ski bags are available in different sizes and lengths. They can usually hold between one and four skis or snowboards. Handles on the sides and compression straps allow comfortable handling and a small packing size. If you travel by plane or train, a bag with wheels can make sense. Choose your ski or board bag of the length of your skis or snowboards. Especially long ski bags are suitable for cross-country skis. There are special shoe bags for ski and snowboard boots. In many cases, the helmet, ski goggles, gloves and other accessories such as ski care and tuning products can also be stowed away. Ski boot bags with integrated heating function are particularly practical. This allows the shoes to be preheated and dried after driving. 

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