Inline skating under the open sky as a leisure and endurance sport had its high with market leaders like Rollerblade in the 90s. We wish us a comeback! Because compared to roller skates, inline skates give more ankle support and are easier to balance thanks to lined up wheels on a rail.
Every age group can learn inline skating and burn on top calories. Before the first big skating tour, we recommend you put on protective clothing and do a small test run. This will ensure that the fit, comfort and stability are guaranteed.
Whether you are a child, woman or man, the size of the wheels determines what you are going to do: Speed skates with large wheels (from 84 mm) and low-cut, lightweight soft boots are suitable for racing and marathons. Fitness skates with wheels from 72 to 100 mm diameter are recommended especially for beginners. Perform cool stunts with a firm grip in so-called aggressive skates (from 55 mm). They are especially popular as all-rounders, because they support you in freestyle skating and hockey thanks to their manoeuvrability and stability. For kids who want to get high quickly, there are inline skates with adjustable size. There is also a practical variant for everyday use that replaces your workout: step-in skates get you from A to B in a flash and have removable brakes and rails.
No matter which model you choose, maximum riding fun is guaranteed. Here you will find inline skates from brands like K2, Rollerblade or Doop Skates. Now all you have to do is: Decide, strap on your inline skates and go.

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