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Jackets are an important part of any wardrobe and provide protection from the cold, wet and wind. There are many different types of jackets that are suitable for different purposes and situations. Here are some important features, types of jackets and recommendations for specific situations:

- Material: Jackets can be made of different materials, such as cotton, polyester, nylon and down. Each material has its own properties and advantages. Cotton, for example, is breathable and kind to the skin, while down jackets keep you very warm.

- Waterproof: If you are travelling in wet weather, a waterproof jacket is important to protect you from getting wet. There are different types of waterproof materials, such as Gore-Tex and other membranes, which ensure that water cannot penetrate the jacket.
- Breathable: If you sweat in the jacket, it is important that the jacket is breathable to wick away sweat and keep you dry.
- Insulation: When you're out and about on cold days, it's important to have a jacket with good insulation. Thanks to down and synthetic fibres, they keep you warm.

Jacket types and tips for every situation
First we have the classic down jackets, which are perfect for cold winter days. These jackets are lined with a filling of down and feathers, which make sure you stay warm and comfortable. They are also ideal for outdoor activities like sledding or hiking.
For milder temperatures, we recommend our quilted jackets. These jackets are lightweight and breathable, but still warm enough to protect you from chilly weather. They are perfect for autumn and spring.
For rainy days, we have waterproof rain jackets in our range. These jackets are made from special material that protects you from the wet while being breathable. They are perfect for everyday use.

If you're looking for something you can wear both outdoors and around town, we recommend our leather jackets. Durable and stylish, these jackets are perfect for everyday wear or a long night on the town.

In addition to these types of jackets, we also have coats such as down coats, trench coats or wool coats as well as bomber jackets, denim jackets, parkas, windbreaks and various winter jackets. Whether you're looking for something warm for winter or something light for spring, we're sure to have the right jacket for men, women and children in our range. Use our filter to find your size and favourite colour. We have great brands like Columbia, Patagonia and The North Face, as well as stylish brands like Jack & Jones, Pieces and Tommy Hilfiger.