Ice skates

Whether figure skating or ice hockey, skates are essential for both sports. Whether you're pirouetting on an artificial ice rink or playing a power play on a frozen lake, you'll be well equipped with CCM, Bauer or K2 skates. Skates fall into three categories: Figure Skating, Ice Hockey and Allround.

Figure skating skates have an elegant, ankle-high cut. Most skates for ice skating are made of leather or synthetic leather and are laced. The blades are slightly longer and extend beyond the heels. At the front end of the blade are prongs present to be able to control tricks cleanly.

Skates for playing ice hockey are very resilient and stiff. They are optimized for accelerating, stopping and turning. Hockey skates have a slightly curved blade for the quick maneuvers. Most hockey skates are made of durable PU leather and plastic. At the same time, the skates have a good ankle support and are equipped with laces for an optimal fit.

Whether you want to play hockey, practice a few pirouettes or just make your rounds across the ice, with the Allround skates you are not wrong. All-round skates look very similar to a classic inline skate boot. They have a comfortable inner shoe that is well padded and keeps your foot warm for a long time. At the bottom, maneuverable blades are used. However, they are not as strongly curved as in hockey boots and offer a little more stability. Velcro fasteners, buckles and laces are used for closure.