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Run away from your opponent with the right shoes! We offer you a wide range of football shoes for every surface. Whether young or old, man or woman - with all football shoes it is important that you know on which surface you want to conquer the field. Outside on dry ground (FG/ HG), real or artificial turf (AG), cam shoes with large plastic cams that come closest to an all-purpose sole are suitable. They provide you with a firm grip and a good feel for the ball. Inside, you dominate the game on carpet turf (TF) with a turf sole which, thanks to many small rubber cams, ensures that no shot backfires. On wet ground (SG), cleated shoes, which are characterised by their slip resistance, are the order of the day. If you prefer to play on indoor gym floors (IT, IC, IN) instead of outdoor, you will perform best in indoor shoes with a smooth, light-coloured sole and make sure that the floor remains impeccable. You are also spoilt for choice when it comes to the upper material between leather or artificial leather. Football shoes made of lightweight synthetic materials are less durable, depending on how often you train and how well you take care of them. Both upper materials are breathable, water-repellent and designed for optimum traction. We recommend that you make sure the fit is as tight as possible for close ball contact and running safety After the first few moves, football boots can stretch out a bit. 

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Puma ULTRA 1.1 FG/AG
Fussball-nockenschuh  One 18.1 Fg
267.–was 355.–
Puma Fussball-nockenschuh One 18.1 Fg
Fussballschuh PUMA ONE 1 Lth CC FG/AG (44)
61.40was 81.80
Puma Fussballschuh PUMA ONE 1 Lth CC FG/AG (44)
ONE 3 Illuminate FG Fußballschuh Kinder (38)
28.20was 43.30
Puma ONE 3 Illuminate FG Fußballschuh Kinder (38)
Predator 19.4 FxG Fußballschuh Herren (42)
adidas Predator 19.4 FxG Fußballschuh Herren (42)