Electric bike accessories

Electric bike accessories

Electric bike enthusiasts understand that accessorizing can enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their e-bikes. Our collection caters to everyneed, from practical protection to advanced electronic enhancements.

M-Wave is esteemed for their E-Protect Wrap, an accessory beloved for safeguarding the electric components of your e-bike against the elements. It's an ideal choice for riders looking to maintain their e-bike in top-notch condition.

For those looking to keep a close eye on their ride's performance metrics, Bosch eBike's Intuvia Performance display is the go-to product. This intuitive device presents all necessary data at a glance, allowing you to monitor speed, distance, and battery life effortlessly.

Shimano steps in with their convenient Ladekabel EW-EC300 charging cable, designed to keep your bike's battery fully charged and ready for adventures. Ensuring you have reliable power for long rides has never been easier.

If you're a Sram enthusiast, the AXS Battery Base Charger will be a welcome addition to your e-bike accessories. It provides a secure charging solution for your e-bike and is an exemplary model of efficiency and reliability.

Yamaha, a trusted name in the industry, offers a collection of accessories, with their ‘Standard’ line being the most sought-after. Yamaha continuously delivers quality and innovation, assuring that e-bike owners have access to some of the best accessories on the market.

When selecting accessories for your electric bike, consider your riding habits and the additional convenience and protection each accessory can offer. With these top brands and their flagship products, you're sure to find the perfect add-ons to enhance your e-bike experience.