Cycling jackets

Cycling jackets for sunshine, wind and rainy weather!

Whether you are a recreational cyclist or an ambitious racing cyclist, a cycling jacket is part of your basic equipment. The demands on such a cycling jacket could not be more different. Some people ride in wind and weather. The cycling jacket should be equipped with a weatherproof membrane so that it stays dry underneath. Others attach importance to wind protection so that the body does not cool down during a brisk downhill ride due to the wind. For bikers who pedal in winter, a cycling jacket that protects against snow and cold is immensely important.

Here at Galaxus, you'll find the right cycling jacket for every need. From the light rain jacket that protects you from sudden rain, to the windproof softshell jacket, to the wind stopper or the weatherproof hardshell jacket with membrane for longer cycling trips in winter. In addition to jackets, we also have gilets on offer that serve as an insulating midlayer or as wind protection for every person on the bike.

What are the distinguishing features of cycling jackets?

Basically, cycling jackets are similar to trekking or hiking jackets. They are usually wind- and water-repellent, at best windproof and waterproof. They can be stowed compactly and are usually equipped with a hood.
The most obvious difference to a hiking jacket is the extended back. Especially on a bike, the buttocks and kidneys should be protected from the cold and rain. For this reason, cycling jackets are cut slightly longer at the back.

Here is another overview of the most important features:

- Are weatherproof, i.e. wind- and water-repellent or wind- and waterproof.
- Are equipped with an extended back section
- Are body-hugging, but at the same time cut loosely, so that the best possible freedom of movement can be offered on the bike.
- Space-saving, so they can be easily stowed in the bike backpack. Therefore they have a low weight and take up little space.
- Reflectors are important. Thanks to the reflectors, safety is increased in rainy weather, poor visibility or at dusk.

In the past, cycling jackets were developed from different materials. Functional textiles made of synthetic fibres have recently become popular. These are primarily polyester and polyamide. If the jacket needs to be stretchy, elastane is added.
The advantages of these synthetic fibres are:

- Breathability
- Dries quickly
- Water repellent
- Windproof