Brake accessories

Bicycle brakes are used to brake a bicycle. A distinction is made between radially acting block and drum brakes and axially acting disc and rim brakes according to their direction of force. The disc brake is one of the most recent developments in bicycle technology and has become particularly popular in the mountain bike sector. 

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Bleedkit - Bk-28066 + Red

Bleedkit - Bk-28022

Shimano - Adapter SM-MA

Magura - Royal Blood

Motorex - Brake Fluid DOT 5.1 Brake fluid

Shimano - Mineral oil

Motorex - Brake Fluid DOT 5.1

Magura - Royal Blood

Shimano - TL-BT03 Bleeding kit for disc brakes

Shimano - TL-BT03-S

Magura - Professional venting kit EBT

Sram - Per venting kit with DOT 5.1

Sram - Per venting kit without DOT 5.1

Magura - Clamp Shiftmix 3 for SRAM trigger shift lever, right

Sram - Standard venting kit with DOT5.1