Bob sledges + Sledges

Bobsleigh and sleigh as well as toboggan and snow slide contribute to a common family fun in the snow in winter.

The main difference between classic children's bobs and toboggans is that they are made
of plastic and have a larger contact surface. Even with small amounts of snow, they quickly start to glide. Bobsleds often have steering wheels and handbrakes. In some cases, sitting is supported by a backrest or a bench seat. Most snow bobs offer space for one person. But there are also two-seaters.

Classic wooden sledges are part of the basic equipment of many families. Available in various lengths, these so-called Davos sledges offer space for one to two people. They are guided by the feet and weight shift. A more modern variant of the wooden toboggan is the toboggan. Thanks to the curved runners it has a smaller contact surface and therefore runs much faster. Because the skids are separated from the main frame, the sled can be controlled easily and precisely.

Snow sliders are much cheaper than a bobsleigh or sledge. Thanks to their size, they are space-saving and easy to transport. Nevertheless they guarantee enormous sledging fun. Some models have handles that improve grip.

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Plastkon - Stratos

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Plastkon - Stratos

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3R - Davos sledge (110cm, Ash)

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Plastkon - Stratos

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