Avalanche equipment

Avalanche equipment, consisting of avalanche transceiver, avalanche shovel and avalanche probe is an absolute must for skiing off-piste and when ascending high mountains. They never replace common sense and training in avalanche risk management, but they significantly increase the chance of survival in dangerous situations. Without an avalanche transceiver, the recovery of a buried subject is almost hopeless. With a special avalanche backpack, the chances of survival can be significantly increased again, but even these are no guarantee for survival in an avalanche.

Avalanche transceivers are available with various additional functions, but the two main functions can be used by all devices: send and search. Modern avalanche transceivers have three digital antennas and, when activated, send constant signals that penetrate the snow at a given frequency. In search mode you can locate the signals of other devices and in case of an emergency you will be navigated to the places where buried subjects are located. A probe is used to locate the buried victims and a shovel is used to rescue them. If you are buying a new avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel, it is worth looking at a complete set.

Avalanche backpacks ensure that in the event of an avalanche you are held on the surface and not buried by it. When buying an avalanche backpack you should consider the weight and volume of the avalanche backpack, as well as additional features and elements such as attachments, pockets, carrying system, etc. In addition to the avalanche backpack, your basic equipment for tours should also include an avalanche shovel, an avalanche probe, an avalanche transceiver and a ski or snowboard helmet. For safety reasons, we are not allowed to store the compressed gas-filled cartridges for the airbags, which are not included in our avalanche backpacks! They can be purchased in specialist shops and refilled there.

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