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What the hell is that? Part 13

Our range is growing constantly. However, some products will have you guessing what it is that you’re looking at. Today's example: The Ass Saver.

Is it a shoehorn? A sanitary pad? Or maybe a sex toy? No, it's a mudguard for your bike. And one that you can attach to your saddle within seconds without needing screws. Well then: Save your asses!

Original (Rear wheel, 26 - 29 ", 100mm)
CHF 8.50
Ass Savers Original (Rear wheel, 26 - 29 ", 100mm)
Handy and foldable mud guard that fits every standard rail saddle.


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  • Bern: tomorrow at 12:45
  • Dietikon: tomorrow at 14:30
  • Geneva: tomorrow at 13:30
  • Kriens: tomorrow at 11:20
  • Lausanne: tomorrow at 15:40
  • St Gallen: tomorrow at 15:30
  • Winterthur: tomorrow at 13:30
  • Wohlen: tomorrow at 11:00
  • Zurich: tomorrow at 12:30

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From climbing ropes to red wine to hammer drills – we’ve got just about everything. In line with this, we’ve been browsing our range for unusual products that prompt a: What the hell is that? Find something in our range that's downright weird? Let us know:

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