The vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys. Through rotating stimulation, it provides climaxes during masturbation. But the sex toy can also be used together during foreplay or during the act. In addition to material and size, the shape of the vibrator is important. It's important to know: The transition from vibrator to dildo is fluid, which is why you will also find products for insertion here.

The classic vibrator is simple in design and based on the male member. This is also where the realistic vibrator is found, which should be as sensitive as possible. Similarly simple are rod vibrators, which have a vibrating head.
If you're looking for specific stimulation, there's the G-spot vibrator, for example. This is inserted and has a slightly curved tip to reach the G-spot optimally. Pulsators are also good at stimulating the G-spot because, unlike vibrators, they don't rotate but push back and forth with the help of magnets.

As the name suggests, clitoral vibrators are also suitable for specific stimulation of the clitoris. There are different techniques from vibration to air vibrations (like the world-famous Womanizer). You want to stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris? Then a rabbit vibrator is suitable because it is inserted and also has two "rabbit ears" that stimulate the clitoris. Especially for men, there are prostate vibrators that stimulate the prostate and the P-spot, the male G-spot.

If you'd rather try something new, look for special vibrators that have special shapes or additional functions. By the way: Many models are also available in mini format so that you don't have to do without anything when you're on the go.

Most vibrators have more than one vibration level, so you can choose between different modes and intensities. Some models can be controlled via remote control and thus provide the extra fun factor for two. Unlike battery-powered vibrators, rechargeable battery-powered toys can also be used in water. For example, these vibrators can also be used for pleasurable play in the shower. We wish you lots of fun!