Vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys. Through vibrating stimulation, it provides climaxes for women, men or in joint use. The sex toy can be used alone, for masturbation, or together during foreplay or during the act.

In our range you will find a wide selection of vibrators that will satisfy your desire in different ways. From classic models to lay-on vibrators, such as the models from Womanizer, or the Rabbit vibrators, vibro-eggs or finger vibrators that have been known worldwide since Sex and the City. Especially for men, there are prostate vibrators that stimulate the prostate and the P-spot, the male G-spot. So-called couple vibrators are specially designed for joint use during sex to intensify the sensation experience.

Many models have more than one vibration level, so you can choose between different modes and intensities. Some models are controllable via remote control and thus provide the extra fun factor for two. Unlike battery-powered vibrators, rechargeable battery-powered toys can also be used in water. For example, these vibrators can also be used for pleasure games in the shower. We wish you a lot of fun!