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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Ceylor Blauband

Natural rubber latex condoms with reservoir, transparent, with silicone oil-based lubricant. Ceylor condoms are packed in small plastic packages, very convenient to transport and open. These packages can easily be stored in a bag or purse, they are protected from sunlight and other influences. 

Ceylor Blauband (100 pcs.)
61.30 CHF 0.61 CHF/1pcs.

Ceylor Blauband

100 pcs.

2. Ceylor Blue ribbon

Blue Ribbon - the classic. Experience passion thanks to the long-standing classic for a soulful love life. Natural rubber latex condoms with reservoir, transparent, with silicone oil-based lubricant. Pack of 12 condoms, individually wrapped in a typical Swiss box. 

Ceylor Blue ribbon (12 pcs.)
Quantity discount
14.90 CHF 1.24 CHF/1pcs.

Ceylor Blue ribbon

12 pcs.

3. Durex Love Mix

Sometimes it's fun to try something out. Discover Durex Love Mix. The set contains the varieties: Durex Gefühlsecht ultra - extra thin condoms, for even more sensation than with the Gefühlsecht Classic condoms, Durex Gefühlsecht Extra moist - gossamer condoms with extra lubricant for a smoother feel, Durex Strawberry - condoms with strawberry flavor & scent to enchant the senses, Durex Pleasure me - condoms with uniquely positioned ridges and nubs for extra stimulation, Durex Intense - ribbed and nubbed condoms coated with Desirex gel to create intense waves of warming, cooling and tingling sensations in your private parts. They are dermatologically tested and 100% electronically tested - for reliable protection. In addition, they convince with a pleasant smell. The condoms made of natural rubber latex with reservoir (except for Gefühlsecht ultra cylindrical with reservoir) convince with ideal fit and pleasant smell / Nominal width: 56 mm, length: 195 mm (or for Durex Gefühlsecht ultra: 52 mm, 180 mm). 

Durex Love Mix (40 pcs.)
24.80 CHF 0.62 CHF/1pcs.

Durex Love Mix

40 pcs.

4. Durex Invisible Super Thin

Delicate and thinner than conventional Durex latex condoms. Contoured transparent condoms with easy-on fit for perfect fit and easier unrolling. Safety with reservoir and moist coating. Moist silicone-based coating. Delicate and thinner than conventional Durex latex condoms. 

Durex Invisible Super Thin (20 pcs.)
Quantity discount
14.60 CHF 0.73 CHF/1pcs.

Durex Invisible Super Thin

20 pcs.

5. Ceylor ultrathin

Non-Latex Ultra Thin - the ultra thin. Experience more closeness thanks to the ultra thin non-latex condom for a close-to-skin sensation during lovemaking. Polyurethane condoms with reservoir, highly transparent, odourless, with silicone oil-based lubricant. 50% thinner than Ceylor standard condoms. Pack of 6 latex-free condoms, individually and securely packaged in a typical Swiss box. 

Ceylor ultrathin (6 pcs.)
Quantity discount
14.90 CHF 2.48 CHF/1pcs.

Ceylor ultrathin

6 pcs.

6. London London

Transparent brand condom at a special price These high quality condoms survive any wild night of love without any damage Enjoy a hundred or thousand times hot sex - without hesitation put on your intimate supply because condoms are durable for at least 4 years if stored properly. So you are always well equipped when you feel the spontaneous desire comes over strongly moistened with reservoir wall thickness 0065cm nominal width 52mm. 

London London (100 pcs.)
25.40 CHF 0.25 CHF/1pcs.

London London

100 pcs.

7. Ceylor Thin Sensation

Thin Sensation - the real sensation. Experience intense sensations and maximum closeness thanks to the ultra-thin, extra-sensitive condom for a natural, true-to-the-feel sensation during lovemaking. Despite its delicacy, the condom guarantees the proven Ceylor protection for optimum safety. Natural rubber latex condoms with reservoir, transparent, with silicone oil-based lubricant. 

Ceylor Thin Sensation (100 pcs.)
67.90 CHF 0.68 CHF/1pcs.

Ceylor Thin Sensation

100 pcs.

8. Durex Natural Feeling Préservatifs

The Durex Natural Feeling condoms (30 pieces) are made of polyisoprene and are therefore especially suitable for people who are allergic to latex and latex proteins. The Real Feel material makes it feel like you're not wearing a condom for a natural skin-to-skin feel. They have a nominal width of 56 mm (length: 195 mm), are transparent, moistened with silicone lubricant and have a particularly comfortable fit due to their anatomical fit with reservoir. Thanks to the manufacturing process, the condoms also smell pleasant. Ready to go right away: The Durex logo on the foil serves as orientation. So that you always take the condom directly the right way out of the foil, hold the foil with the Durex logo downwards when opening and take out the condom. So however you want to have sex today, remember the right protection. 

Durex Natural Feeling Préservatifs (30 pcs.)
35.30 CHF 1.18 CHF/1pcs.

Durex Natural Feeling Préservatifs

30 pcs.

9. Durex Performa

The reservoir of Performa is coated with a special lotion. This increases the man's stamina and thus prolongs lovemaking.

Durex Performa (12 pcs.)
16.40 CHF 1.37 CHF/1pcs.

Durex Performa

12 pcs.

10. Ceylor Large

Experience more size thanks to the condom with extra wide opening for great love. Natural rubber latex condoms with reservoir, transparent, with silicone oil-based lubricant. 

Ceylor Large (9 pcs.)
Quantity discount
12.40 CHF per piece for 2 units 1.38 CHF/1pcs.

Ceylor Large

9 pcs.