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1. Ceylor Blauband

Natural rubber latex condoms with reservoir, transparent, with silicone oil-based lubricant. Ceylor condoms are packed in small plastic packages, very convenient to transport and open. These packages can easily be stored in a bag or purse, they are protected from sunlight and other influences. 

Ceylor Blauband (100 pcs.)
72.10 CHF 0.72 CHF/1pcs.

Ceylor Blauband

100 pcs.

2. Ceylor Blue ribbon

Blue Ribbon - the classic. Experience passion thanks to the long-standing classic for a soulful love life. Natural rubber latex condoms with reservoir, transparent, with silicone oil-based lubricant. Pack of 12 condoms, individually wrapped in a typical Swiss box. 

Ceylor Blue ribbon (12 pcs.)
Quantity discount
14.90 CHF 1.24 CHF/1pcs.

Ceylor Blue ribbon

12 pcs.

3. Durex Invisible Super Thin

Delicate and thinner than conventional Durex latex condoms. Contoured transparent condoms with easy-on fit for perfect fit and easier unrolling. Safety with reservoir and moist coating. Moist silicone-based coating. Delicate and thinner than conventional Durex latex condoms. 

Durex Invisible Super Thin (20 pcs.)
Quantity discount
13.30 CHF per piece for 2 units 0.67 CHF/1pcs.

Durex Invisible Super Thin

20 pcs.

4. Durex Sensitive Classic

A gossamer experience condom for intense sensations. Pure feeling with the Durex quality condom made of natural rubber latex - extra large (205 mm.). Each Durex condom is individually electronically tested. In addition, they are subject to regular quality controls by the Staatliche Materialprüfanstalt Darmstadt. Condoms made of natural rubber latex Easy-On fit. 

Durex Sensitive Classic (8 pcs.)
Quantity discount
8.15 CHF per piece for 3 units 1.02 CHF/1pcs.

Durex Sensitive Classic

8 pcs.

5. My.Size No. 60

With My.Size condoms you are guaranteed to find the perfect condom for your size. Don't you know your diameter, don't have a special circumference knife, but still don't want to do without a custom-made My.Size condom? No problem. Just measure the size of your best piece and find out which My.Size size suits you best. However, when measuring for the My.Size condoms you should note that you measure your penis correctly and in an erect state. Measure the penis circumference for a My.Size condom with a tape measure. For the measurement to be performed correctly, you should measure at the base of the penis as close to the belly as possible. Once you have taken the measurement, you can find out whether the circumference of this condom no. 60 corresponds to the circumference of your penis by looking at the size specifications below. So you can order the perfectly fitting My.Size condoms made to measure and be prepared for every situation optimally and with an ingenious wearing comfort. All My.Size condoms are produced like medical tools according to high and internationally valid quality standards. This ensures that the My.Size condoms can be manufactured and sold of high quality at any time. Of course, My.Size offers a large selection of sizes so that every man can use a condom that fits him perfectly. With My.Size custom condoms you can be sure that your penis is perfectly wrapped and protected. 

My.Size No. 60 (36 pcs.)
23.20 CHF 0.64 CHF/1pcs.

My.Size No. 60

36 pcs.

6. My.Size 60mm

Reliability Through the individual sizes, My.Size offer an optimal hold and prevents that uncomfortable back and forth sliding of the condom.You can rest assured that all My.Size products have been tested electronically and have been packed hygienically. More sensation for better sexMy.Size condoms have the advantage of coming in seven different sizes from 47mm to 69mm diameter. Through the right size of condom, the sensation is more intense during intercourse.Especially when using a slightly bigger condom, the intensity is increased. Inversely, when using a slightly smaller Kondom. With one, the orgasm can be more internes and can be protracted. Easy unrollingThe unrolling of a My.Size condom is, in comparison to other condoms, much easier because the effort needed to roll it off is reduced due to the condom width.References on how you can find your perfect condom size, you will find here  Girth(cm) 9,5-9,9 10-10,9 11,0-11,4 11,5-11,9 12-12,9 13-13,9 14-15 Condom size 47 49 53 57 60 64 69 Optimal Wearing ComfortThe width of the condom has a significant influence on the sensation of a man. You could compare it to the feeling of wearing a pair of too tight or too loose shoes. The danger of wearing too large shoes is that you could potentially trip. With the too tight shoes, it could get tedious wearing them and walking in them all day long. It is similar with a condomCheck your personal needs with the download of the messurment tool in the PDF Produkt leaflet at Magando. 

My.Size 60mm (3 pcs.)
Quantity discount
3.75 CHF per piece for 4 units 1.25 CHF/1pcs.

My.Size 60mm

3 pcs.

7. Durex Fun Explosion Blackbox

The special manufacturing process gives Durex condoms a pleasant smell. So nothing distracts from the love play. All Durex condoms can be used together with Durex lubricants (exception: 2in1 massage and Guarana lubricants) - the gel is simply applied to the outside of the condom. 10 condoms with strawberry aroma, 10 extra moist, wafer-thin condoms for better gliding (Durex Sensitive Extra Wet condoms), 10 ribbed and nubbed condoms for stimulation of both partners (Durex Pleasuremax), 10 wafer-thin Sensi-Fit condoms for even more intense sensation (Durex Sensitive Ultra condoms). 

Durex Fun Explosion Blackbox (40 pcs.)
40.90 CHF 1.02 CHF/1pcs.

Durex Fun Explosion Blackbox

40 pcs.

8. LELO Original

LELO Hex is strong, thin and true to touch thanks to its revolutionary hexagonal structure. It's the first major innovation in years and has been hailed by media around the world as one of the most important advances in condom technology in decades. With its structure of 350 interlocking hexagons, Hex allows body heat to pass from one partner to the other and offers a more intense, intimate sexual sensation. Nature knows them, dragonflies know them, Fibonacci knew them. Hexagons are strong, symmetrical, even and form a perfect mosaic - they are the natural shape for power and lightness. 

LELO Original (36 pcs.)
23.40 CHF 0.65 CHF/1pcs.

LELO Original

36 pcs.

9. LELO Hex

The honeycomb structure makes this condom particularly resistant and indestructible. But not enough, this condom adapts to the penis size of the man and transmits the body heat as if he was not wearing a condom. The first major innovation in condoms in 70 years. The researchers have copied the shape of 350 individual hexagons from nature. It combines the equality and stability of honeycombs with the mobility of the scales of a snake. The Hex condom allows more pleasure, more intimacy and a high satisfaction during the act of love with simultaneous safety. Made from Natural latex, length of the condom is 180mm, diameter: 54mm and wall thickness: 0.045mm. Hex condom is transparent and tasteless. 

LELO Hex (12 pcs.)
20.90 CHF 1.74 CHF/1pcs.


12 pcs.

10. My.Size No. 64

My.Size PRO 64 mm - the extra large condoms with 64 mm nominal width and 223 mm length. My.Size PRO offers 9 different condom sizes with a width of 45mm to 72mm. They therefore fit almost every member and offer the best wearing comfort and safety. When using the right size, you feel more secure because the condom fits better. The condom cannot slip off as easily. The width of a condom is crucial for the feeling. You can compare this to a shoe that is too tight or too wide. If the shoe is too big, you can slip out, if it is too small it feels uncomfortable. Unrolling a My.Size PRO condom is easier compared to many other condom brands because less force is needed. The foil is also quick and easy to open. My.Size PRO condoms have no latex smell. My.Size PRO condoms are more comfortable to wear and safer than condoms that are too small (too tight) or too large (too wide) for the penis. Each condom is electronically tested and hygienically packaged. Made from extra thin VYTEX latex - Particularly low in allergens due to over 90% less latex proteins. This makes My.Size PRO virtually free of allergenic proteins and impurities. Attention: Only suitable for people with mild latex sensitivity. Please do not use if you have a latex allergy. Suitable for vegans. 

My.Size No. 64 (36 pcs.)
21.60 CHF 0.60 CHF/1pcs.

My.Size No. 64

36 pcs.