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1. Boners Penis ring set

No useless functions or options, only high-quality penis rings in three different sizes. The rings are made of odorless silicone, which is non-porous and very durable. The penis rings made of silicone feel soft on the skin and are flexible and stretchy so that they always fit perfectly. The rings are easy to clean after use with water and sex toy cleaner. 

Boners Penis ring set (4.20 cm)

Boners Penis ring set

4.20 cm


2. Ceylor Love Ring

The specially designed "rabbit ears" stimulate the clitoris while the elastic ring gives a longer erection. Penis ring with vibration of the well-known brand Ceylor. The vibration stimulates man and woman during sexual intercourse and the rabbit ears of the penis ring stimulate the area of the clitoris. 

3. Oxballs squeeze ball stretcher

Squeeze is a thick, blubbery ballstretcher designed to meld to your junk like a second skin. Each end of Squeeze is topped with squishy padding to push your cum-heavy nuts down and away from your body for a sweet stretch that's sure to make you shoot. The curved design of the inner chamber grips your meat tight without stranglin' the life outta your boys - think of it like a hand gently tuggin' on your ballbag. Squeeze is made from the signature Flex-TPR so it's lightweight and compact but still packs a punch. Unlike silicone, Flex-TPR has a completely different feel for an entirely new stretchin' sensation. 

Oxballs squeeze ball stretcher (4 cm)
28.40was 31.40

Oxballs squeeze ball stretcher

4 cm


4. Boners Wide Cockring Set

Set with six different sized penis rings. So you have the right size. You can also put on several rings. For example, one around the penis and a second around the testicles. Included sizes: 26 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm, 45 mm, 52 mm and 57 mm 

Boners Wide Cockring Set (9 cm)

Boners Wide Cockring Set

9 cm


5. Durex Pleasure

The Durex Pleasure Ring helps maintain a firm erection for longer - increasing pleasure and making sex exciting for both partners. It is very flexible, making mounting and unmounting particularly easy. The soft material is also pleasant for women. Helps maintain a firm erection for longer. Very stretchy for easy mounting and dismounting. Made of soft material for a pleasant feeling. For even more intense enjoyment for two. Can be used with or without condom. 

Durex Pleasure (4 cm)
Quantity discount
11.–per piece for 2 units

Durex Pleasure

4 cm


6. Oxballs Cocksling-2

This Cocksling is made of thermoplastic rubber, designed by Oxballs. This hot part holds scrotum and penis exactly in the right way. The Cocksling is light, extremely stretchy (more than twice its size). 

7. Oxballs Cockling 2

Put one on and fuck. It cradles your nuts, grips the base of your dick keeping you rock-hard, and is pushes all you got up and out... the ergo shape with the anatomical channel under your dick allows you to piss while hard, and jizz without that 'pinched' feeling a cockring can give. If you have ever jacked-off laying in bed and wrapped your hand around the base of your cock and balls and Squeezed, that's the feeling this gives--it pumps up your balls and blimps out your cock makes em bigger, harder and makes every stroke more intense. 

8. Oxballs Do-Slot 2

Donut-2 Fatty makes your junk look bigger, keeps your meat rock solid. It's tight enough and strong enough for a lot of play. Guaranteed to make your fucking or Jo explosive. This ones larger and thicker than Donut-1. It's a fatty that will give you a major chub. Atomic Jock makes quality stuff so you can keep one ready to use everywhere you go. It stretches 5x its size but snaps back to its original shape, made from Flexxx trp, unlike most Jelly rings, this one is tough - it's super strong and has incredible stretch, and amazing feel. 

Oxballs Do-Slot 2 (5.10 cm)
Quantity discount
6.50per piece for 3 units

Oxballs Do-Slot 2

5.10 cm


9. Seven Creations Stretchy Cockring

Extremely flexible penis ring.

Seven Creations Stretchy Cockring (1.70 cm)
Quantity discount
8.05per piece for 3 units

Seven Creations Stretchy Cockring

1.70 cm


10. Satisfyer Strong One

The Strong One cock ring made of body-friendly silicone will give you more endurance and rigidity and delay your ejaculation. The deep vibrations also stimulate both partners and can be controlled via app.