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1. Doc Johnson Pussy Pump

Make your vagina and labia irresistibly plump. Pump up your most intimate area and surprise your partner. The Pussy Pump by Doc Johnson provides both a beautiful, plump vagina and increased sensation. The pump stimulates surface blood flow and makes your vagina more sensitive. Simply place the pump on your vagina and labia and pump with the pump ball. The tube and ball are equipped with a drain valve for worry-free pleasure. 

2. Doc Johnson Bloom - Intimate Body Pump

Make your flower bloom. This automatic suction cup and vibrator features 4 interchangeable heads of different sizes with soft silicone rims to stimulate the user's clitoris, vulva and nipples. The cups are designed to follow the natural curvature of a woman's body, and the handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable use. 7 vibration patterns and 7 suction functions allow for 49 unique sensations that can be operated with just the push of a button and enjoyed hands-free after forming the optimal seal. Additional features such as an instant bleed button, power lock function and USB charging ensure your pumping play is always safe and worry-free. Full instructions for enjoying and maintaining your pussy pump are included. Color: white,purple Length (cm): 28.70 Width (cm): 13.70 Height (cm): 7.80 Weight (gr): 409.00. 

Doc Johnson Bloom - Intimate Body Pump
Vaginal pumps
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Doc Johnson Bloom - Intimate Body Pump

3. Doc Johnson Rechargeable Pussy Pump

Use this pump to achieve increased blood flow to your most sensitive regions. Place the cylinder so that it is well sealed around your vaginal area. A high pressure is required to achieve good intention. We also recommend a good water-based lubricant to successfully seal the pump. Simply place the cylinder on the desired erogenous zone and pump to encourage blood flow to that area. You will feel the suction as your clitoris briefly becomes larger and more sensitive. You can quickly release the pressure in the cylinder by operating the bleed valve on the pump. You can also remove the cylinder from the pump, thanks to the simple closure system, your clitoris remains sucked in the cylinder. The set comes with 1 pussy suction cup, 1 hose and 1 rechargeable pump. Compatible with all types of lube. Color: pink Length (cm): 0.00 Width (cm): 0.00 Height (cm): 0.00 Weight (gr): 1.00.