Best You2Toys products in the Penis pumps category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best You2Toys products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. You2Toys Electric penis pump

Penis pump for demanding Transparent cylinder with tight cuff and battery-operated control unit that generates the potency vacuum via ONOFF function. On the centimeter scale you can read the success. Release function adjustable by push button. 

2. You2Toys Vibrating Multi Pump

Penis/potency pump and masturbator in one. Depending on how the pump ball is attached to the tube (49 cm long) on the cylinder, air can either be sucked out of the penis pump (in order to create an effective vacuum for penis/potency training) or can flow inside for an amazing blow job suction effect. For additional stimulation, you can also turn on the multi-speed glans vibration that goes from gentle to powerful. 

3. You2Toys Sex Squirt

Transparent potency condom with vacuum pump. 17 cm deep, Ø inside 5 cm

4. You2Toys Mega vacuum

Scissor grip pump for extra strong vacuum. Suitable for all common pumps.

5. You2Toys Stiff & Strong

Stiff &amp strong This pump is rightly named because it can make your best piece stiff and strong The handy scissor handle pump ensures a comfortable generation of the effective vacuum that you can regulate as desired. Total length pump cylinder about 22 cm with measuring scale to 21 cm diameter 5 cm Material ABS PVC silicone metal. 

6. You2Toys Bang Bang Penis Pump

Get your best piece in top shape With this vacuum penis you can practice an effective workout with lasting success. The penis can be increased in circumference and length in addition, the potency is improved. The penis pump has a removable soft cuff diameter 2.5cm stretchable and a handy pump ball with safety pressure valve. Clear vacuum cylinder 20cm diameter 57cm material ABSTPE cuff. 

7. You2Toys Fantastic Power Pump

For a pleasurable potency training Transparent penis pump with nubbed inner cuff Ø 45 cm expandable length approx. 20 cm and handy pump ball. On the measuring scale you can read the enlargement success. With safety pressure valve. Cylinder approx. 25 cm long Ø 7 cm. Material ABS TPE sleeve PVC pump ball phthalate-free. 

8. You2Toys Bang Bang

The pump for every occasion! With this pump, the fun is guaranteed - cheap, but reliable it ensures that the best piece always stands when it should stand. The scissor handle ensures easy and safe handling, which in turn creates more pressure. The release valve at the scissor handle guarantees a safe use, if it should be too much or the pressure should be reduced pleasantly. Total length 22 cm, insertion depth 19.5 cm, sleeve opening Ø 2.5 cm. PVC, ABS, TPE. Large and handy penis pump Large and handy penis pump. With practical scissor grip. Drain valve for safe handling. 

9. You2Toys Blow Job Sensation

Blow Job suction bell with handy ball pump. 10 cm deep, Ø 4.5 cm, material: PVC. Skin-colored stimulating nub cuff (material: TPE) removable. For feelings like the best blowjob! Like a greedy mouth, the soft nub cuff encloses your penis and doesn't want to give it away anymore... Now reach for the handy pump ball and create wonderful sucking and sucking massage sensations - until the tangy climax! 10 cm deep, inner Ø approx. 4.5 cm. Material: PVC, removable sleeve TPE. 

You2Toys Blow Job Sensation
Penis pumps
17.30 was 20.90

You2Toys Blow Job Sensation

10. You2Toys Starters Power Pump

For an effective training of the potency Transparent penis pump with fitting cuff Ø 2 cm stretchable and handy pump ball. On the measuring scale you can read the enlargement success. With safety pressure valve. Cylinder approx. 22 cm long diameter 5.6 cm. Material ABS TPE Cuff PVC Pumpball phthalate-free&nbsp. 

You2Toys Starters Power Pump
Penis pumps
15.60 was 16.70

You2Toys Starters Power Pump