Best Boners products in the Cockrings category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Boners products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Boners Wide Cockring Set

Set with six different sized penis rings. So you have the right size. You can also put on several rings. For example, one around the penis and a second around the testicles. Included sizes: 26 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm, 45 mm, 52 mm and 57 mm 

Boners Wide Cockring Set (9 cm)

Boners Wide Cockring Set

9 cm


2. Boners Penis ring set

No useless functions or options, only high-quality penis rings in three different sizes. The rings are made of odorless silicone, which is non-porous and very durable. The penis rings made of silicone feel soft on the skin and are flexible and stretchy so that they always fit perfectly. The rings are easy to clean after use with water and sex toy cleaner. 

Boners Penis ring set (4.20 cm)
20.20was 21.50

Boners Penis ring set

4.20 cm


3. Boners Ribbed Cock Ring

The fun for the man: penis ring from Boners The Double Design Cock Ring is a wide ring with a diameter of 2.0 cm (stretchable). The material is soft and extremely comfortable to wear. With this penis ring, the man gets his money's worth. The thick design ensures that the ring does not slip in any case. The Double Cock Ring can be pulled either only over the penis or over the penis and testicles. By wearing the ring, the erection is enormously strengthened. At the same time, ejaculation is delayed. This will keep you erect much longer and will allow you to pleasure your partner even longer than usual, she will be more than thrilled. But also in solo, the ultimate pleasure kick will delight you. Through the worn penis ring you will experience the orgasm even more intense, because the blood can only flow very slowly from the penis. You will love this new intense and lustful climax. The material is waterproof and you can experience your new climax even under the shower or in the bath, whether solo or with partner / partner. When putting it on, it helps if you apply a little lubricant on the inside of the ring beforehand. After use, the Double Design Cock Ring can be cleaned with water and a little soap. Alternatively, you can use a toy cleaner. 

4. Boners Boners T-shape Ball Splitter

The Ball Spitter separates the testicles to create a pulling and clamping sensation. The entire toy is made of silicone. A safe, non-porous material that feels great against the skin. All rings are adjustable with the snaps. Decide for yourself how tight you want them on your genitals and find the best way. 

Boners Boners T-shape Ball Splitter (1.50 cm)
Quantity discount
12.70per piece for 2 units

Boners Boners T-shape Ball Splitter

1.50 cm


5. Boners Hexagon penis ring with steel balls

Enjoy harder and longer lasting erections, intense orgasms and extra stimulation with the Hexagon penis ring from the Boners collection. The ring is made of soft silicone and contains steel balls inside. The penis ring is stretchable and bendable for a good and comfortable fit, while the steel balls provide even more stimulation. Pull the ring over the flaccid penis to the base of the penis. During an erection, the ring inhibits blood flow, providing a harder and longer lasting erection, as well as intense orgasms. Clean the ring after use with toy cleaner and lukewarm water. 

Boners Hexagon penis ring with steel balls (3.80 cm)

Boners Hexagon penis ring with steel balls

3.80 cm

6. Boners Cock Ring & Ball Stretcher

This penis ring and testicle stretcher draws attention to your penis and balls by pushing them forward for a provocative look. The rings make the testicles and penis swell a little, making them bigger and more sensitive. The toy is made of a soft and elastic material and has a perfect fit and is comfortable to wear. Clean the penis ring and testicle stretcher after use with water and sex toy cleaner for good hygiene. 

Boners Cock Ring & Ball Stretcher (2.20 cm)

Boners Cock Ring & Ball Stretcher

2.20 cm


7. Boners Strechy Cocksling

This sex toy lifts your penis and balls up and pushes them forward. The penis and testicles swell more because the penis sling ensures that the blood that flows to your testicles stays there. The toy is made of liquid silicone, a unique material that feels incredibly soft and is very elastic for a perfect fit. Diameter: - Small ring: 2.5 cm inner diameter, 4 cm outer diameter - Large ring: 3 cm inner diameter, 4.3 cm outer diameter 

8. Boners Classic Cock & Ball Ring

With this sex toy you can enjoy sex more, longer and harder. The rings are made of soft and stretchy material, so they fit well around your balls and around your penis. They are comfortable to wear even on the most intense nights. 

Boners Classic Cock & Ball Ring (4 cm)

Boners Classic Cock & Ball Ring

4 cm


9. Boners Scrotum pouch

With the testicle bag made of high-quality liquid silicone from the Boners brand you can experience new sensations. Because a testicle bag stretches the testicles on the one hand, but also holds them firmly together. This creates a stimulating feeling for the man. In addition, a fuller booking is also provided and therefore a very masculine look is guaranteed. The flexible material silicone, which offers a very good fit, ensures optimum comfort during use. Features Boners silicone testicle pouch at a glance: Scrotum pouch, for stimulation stretches the testicles and provides a larger bulge in the crotch made of high quality liquid silicone fits well in the size of supple soft for high wearing comfort. 

10. Boners Cock Strap

Flexible adjustable penis strap. With push button system, can be used as a ball strap. Size: Small/Medium, Diameter: 3.5 - 5.5 cm, Width: 1.5 cm, Material: Silicone.