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  • Pro 2 Next Generation
  • Pro 2 Next Generation
  • Pro 2 Next Generation
CHF 44.40
Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation


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User Anonymous

Waste of money

After 2 years of very intense use, my Lelo Sona Cruise broke down. Since I've heard & read that the three popular 'sonic' vibrators (Lelo Sona, Satisfier and Womanizer) are basically the same thing wrapped in different design, I went for the cheapest of the three - Satisfier - figuring that if it's a dupe of Sona, I can live with the ugly look for a third of the price.
I was wrong; this thing didn't even stand next to Lelo Sona and the amazing, soft, intense waves of orgasms Lelo Sona gives.
It's cheap hard plastic, feels like a kid's toy with some rubber buttons sticking out; the head feels uncomfortably hard, edges scratch the delicate skin around clitoris. It doesn't give that amazing 'sucking' sensation at all; it feels like what I can only describe as awkward tumbling inside a giant plastic spoon. Technically it provides some stimulation and technically you can orgasm from it, but using an electric toothbrush would give you the same quality experience.
Do yourself a favor and buy Lelo Sona right away, instead of wasting your money on this one, since you can't return it once you've tried it.
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User t-schulthess

erfüllt absolut nicht erwartungen.

nach 3 Monaten nicht mehr Funktioniert! konnte ich nicht mehr nach Geschwindigkeit Regler benützen.
von kauf abraten!!!!!

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