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Rhomberg Anhänger (2cm, Gold, 0.02ct)

Art-Nr 5913599
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Rhomberg CH
Rhomberg Anhänger (2cm, Gold, 0.02ct) Actual product image
CHF 129.–

Rhomberg Anhänger (2cm, Gold, 0.02ct)


Key specifications

Type of gemDiamond, Freshwater cultured pearl
Alloy750/18 K

General information

Manufacturer Rhomberg
Product type Necklaces


In our assortment you will find necklaces in all shapes and materials: From filigree, fine necklaces to coarse-linked, striking necklaces for ladies and gentlemen, there is something for every taste and look.
With the optics there is not only the material such as gold, silver, wood or also metal to consider, but also the suitable length. For a person of average stature the following rule of thumb applies: If the length is around 40cm, the necklace ends at the level of the collarbone, chains around 50cm in length end approximately above the décolleté and all necklaces longer than 60cm end under the neckline.

Currently, the trend is towards very thin necklaces, which are then "layered" (i.e. several chains together), as well as "chokers" and lavish statement chains.

Item number5913599
Manufacturer no.56210200
Release date23.07.2012


Jewellery colour


Jewellery material


An alloy is a mixture of several metals. For jewellery purposes, a precious metal is "alloyed" with another precious metal, but also with base metals such as steel or copper.
Precious metals are alloyed because certain properties are desired which the pure precious metal does not have. For example, alloys increase hardness, scratch resistance and make a precious metal easier to process or change colour.
The precious metal shares are stated in thousandths of a part. Every piece of jewellery, every precious metal object carries a stamp with three numbers, e.g. "750". They denote the proportion of precious metal per thousand parts of total weight. This number is called the "fineness". The higher the fineness, the more valuable the item.

750/18 K

Target group

Target group

Necklace Features

necklace type
Jewellery motif
reference number

Pendant properties

Pendant type
3 mm

Gem properties

Gemstone colour


In addition to objective criteria, a piece of jewellery is also subject to subjective nature or fashion. For pearls, the criteria are mentioned: Shape, size, luster, surface quality, colour, type of pearl.

The main forms are: round or semi-circular (spherical), drop-shaped, button, oval, wrestling, baroque/semi-baroque (abstract and uneven). The shape of a pearl is to be assigned above all as a fashion evaluation.

Size specifications always apply to the average diameter of the bead, not to its length. As with all other gems, the size is decisive: the larger the pearl, the higher its value.

The luster describes the iridescent pearl luster (enamel) of the surface, caused by the light refraction and the reflection of light at the fine, uppermost "aragonite layers", i.e. the quality of the light reflections from the surface. The luster is the main criterion for determining the pearl quality for the same size. It should be even and without dull, pasty spots.

finish quality
The quality of the luster is directly related to the surface quality of the pearl. A pearl with a smooth, silky surface always reflects light better and more evenly than a pearl with pronounced defects.

The colored exterior is composed of the basic color or body color and a seemingly floating, mostly pink or green shimmer above the pearl surface. The colour depends on the species of shell and the place of origin of the pearl in the shell and is also influenced by the habitat.

Type of gem
Freshwater cultured pearl
Gemstone clarity

Gemstone clarity

Purity is probably the best known feature for classifying a diamond. Diamonds of the highest perfection are a rarity. The number, size and position of inclusions are crucial for the purity and value of the diamond. Flawless - extremely rare - diamonds show the expert no inclusions even at 10x magnification. The graduations at the purity of a diamond are:
flawless (IF)
tiny inclusions (WS1-WS2)
very small inclusions (VS1 - VS2)
small inclusions (SI1-SI2) and
distinct inclusions (piqué 1-3).



Minimal inclusions, very difficult to see at 10x magnification.
VVS = Very Very Very Small Inclusion(s).

Weight of stone

Weight of stone

The carat (ct) is one unit of mass and corresponds to 200 mg (0.2 g). This unit shows the total weight of the gemstones. Since, for example, a two carat is much rarer than two single carats, it is therefore also more precious. However, the size of a gem increases its value only when the other quality criteria are also fulfilled.

0.02 ct
Number ofc
1 x
8 mm

Product dimensions

2 cm
0.80 cm

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Rhomberg Anhänger (2cm, Gold, 0.02ct) Rhomberg Anhänger (2cm, Gold, 0.02ct)