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Goldberg Diamant 1H476 (53, Gold, 0.82ct) Actual product image

Goldberg Diamant 1H476 (53, Gold, 0.82ct)


Key specifications

Type of gemDiamond
Alloy750/18 K
Surface finishUntreated
Target groupWomen

General information

Manufacturer Goldberg Diamant
Product type rings
Item number6818329
Manufacturer no.1H476W853-1


Jewellery colour


Jewellery material


An alloy is a mixture of several metals. For jewellery purposes, a precious metal is "alloyed" with another precious metal, but also with base metals such as steel or copper.
Precious metals are alloyed because certain properties are desired which the pure precious metal does not have. For example, alloys increase hardness, scratch resistance and make a precious metal easier to process or change colour.
The precious metal shares are stated in thousandths of a part. Every piece of jewellery, every precious metal object carries a stamp with three numbers, e.g. "750". They denote the proportion of precious metal per thousand parts of total weight. This number is called the "fineness". The higher the fineness, the more valuable the item.

750/18 K
Surface finish

Target group

Target group

Fingerring Properties

Finger ring type
ring of illusion
ring size

Gem properties

Gemstone colour
Type of gem
Diamond colour

Diamond colour

Although the diamond is usually found in its transparent form, it is extremely rare in flawless white. Cut diamonds often have the finest yellow to brown tones. Just as rare as bright white diamonds are the so-called "fancy diamonds". These pink, blue, green or intense yellow collector's items are traded at top prices.

G / Top Wesselton

G / Top Wesselton

Fine White

Gemstone clarity

Gemstone clarity

Purity is probably the best known feature for classifying a diamond. Diamonds of the highest perfection are a rarity. The number, size and position of inclusions are crucial for the purity and value of the diamond. Flawless - extremely rare - diamonds show the expert no inclusions even at 10x magnification. The graduations at the purity of a diamond are:
flawless (IF)
tiny inclusions (WS1-WS2)
very small inclusions (VS1 - VS2)
small inclusions (SI1-SI2) and
distinct inclusions (piqué 1-3).



Small inclusions, easily visible at 10x magnification, not visible to the naked eye from the crown. SI = Small Inclusion.

Weight of stone

Weight of stone

The carat (ct) is one unit of mass and corresponds to 200 mg (0.2 g). This unit shows the total weight of the gemstones. Since, for example, a two carat is much rarer than two single carats, it is therefore also more precious. However, the size of a gem increases its value only when the other quality criteria are also fulfilled.

0.82 ct
Number of gemstones
78 x
Gemstone cut

Gemstone cut

Apart from the cut, the stone is given everything by nature. Here it depends mainly on the manual skill of your editor, who creates a masterpiece from the rough stone. The grinder therefore bears a very great responsibility. It has little effect on colour and purity, but it has a decisive influence on the quality of the cut. What use is the highest colour and purity level if the cut is poor and the incident light is not reflected by the stone in any way? There are several aspects of grinding that you should pay attention to when buying.

The symmetry can be checked by the following questions: Does the diamond have an exact shape? Is the diamond really round? Are the facets symmetrically arranged and correctly placed? Is the number of facets right? Do the top and bottom of the diamond fit together?

The right proportions are important for the cut of a diamond. It is understandable, because the grinder tries to leave the weight of a stone, e.g. over 1 carat. He gets more for a 1 carat stone per carat than for a 0.90. From an economic point of view, this makes double sense for the grinder (higher carat price and higher weight). However, the brilliance often suffers from this.

overall level
If a 1 carat diamond does not have a diameter of ± 6.5 mm, it will show 1 carat on the scale, but visually it is not. If a 1ct diamond has a diameter of 6.2 or 6.3 mm, the proportions are not right. The total height of such a diamond is too high. It may be that the top is too high, the bottom too low, or both at the same time. The total height of a diamond should be between 59 and 62 percent; the percentages always refer to the diameter of the diamond. At 57 percent the stone is too flat, at 64 percent it is definitely too high. Both too low and too high an overall height causes a reduction in brilliance. The light entering the stone then comes out of the stone towards the bottom or the side and can no longer be optimally reflected to the observer.


Product dimensions

6.92 g

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30-day right of return

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Goldberg Diamant 1H476 (53, Gold, 0.82ct) Goldberg Diamant 1H476 (53, Gold, 0.82ct)