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1. M-Classic Bird sand

This mixture contains quartz sand burnt out in the fire, lime grit, mussel shell meal and natural minerals and restorative substances. The added bird grit helps grind seeds and grains in the bird's stomach. The sand should be renewed every 2-3 days and the bottom tray should be washed out hot once a week. 


Very young chicks have a greater need for warmth than older chicks and need sufficient warmth to grow healthily. The comfort warming plate keeps chicks comfortably warm. The heating plate rests on four legs so that the chicks can snuggle under it whenever they want. The warmth provided by the heat plate is similar to the natural mother's warmth. Thanks to the adjustable height, the temperature can be regulated to suit all chick sizes. - very low energy consumption: 5 times more efficient than conventional heat lamps - double protection: protection against overheating and prevention of the risk of a short circuit Size specifications: 25x25 cm - 15 W. 

3. Nobby Mineral Stones perch

- This mineral perch is beveled to reduce stress on the foot muscles. - It keeps the claws and beak in shape naturally. - It contains important vitamins, but no dyes. - This version is 16.5 cm long and weighs 145 g. 

4. EBI Triple ring sisal + wood BBQ blocks

- Triple ring - made of wood + sisal - BBQ blocks.

5. Karlie Cotton swing

For large parakeets and parrots. Swing.

6. Trixie Perch Y shape

Perch Y-shape - bark wood - 35 cm ø 18 mm - with screw fixing.

7. EBI Duvo+ coconut fiber

- Coconut fiber/sisal/jute/cotton - nesting material - promotes nesting.

8. JR Farm Clay Pot Large Parakeet + Parrot

Clay pots for parrots & large parakeets

The JR Clay Pot Big Parakeet & Parrot Beetle is filled with delicious quality seeds. Thus your darlings have a long-term
occupation and play fun.

Feeding recommendation:

Depending on the size of the animal, feed 1-3 clay pots per month.


Starch, parsley: 13.9%, peeled peanuts, sunflower seed, carrots: 10.4%, dari, cardisaate, mung beans, oyster shells: 1.4%

Analytical components:

Protein: 9.5%, fat content: 14.4%, crude fibre: 10.3%, crude ash: 7.5%; no artificial colours or preservatives.

JR Farm Clay Pot Large Parakeet + Parrot
Bird cage supplies
Quantity discount
11.–per piece for 2 units

JR Farm Clay Pot Large Parakeet + Parrot


9. Karlie Bird Toy Hanger Rope with Branch

So that birds do not get bored in their cages, they need varied occupation. Bird toys in the form of cage hangers offer welcome entertainment. For example, these combinations of cotton ropes and wooden elements in different variations. 

Karlie Bird Toy Hanger Rope with Branch
Bird cage supplies
Quantity discount
10.30per piece for 2 units

Karlie Bird Toy Hanger Rope with Branch


10. Trixie Toy on rope, wood, colorful

Toy on the rope - wood colorful - 24 cm colorful - cage accessories - nature toys.

Trixie Toy on rope, wood, colorful
Bird cage supplies
Quantity discount
8.35per piece for 3 units

Trixie Toy on rope, wood, colorful