Best products in the Bedding category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Cat's Best Universal

The universal litter genius: the optimal litter solution for many pets and birds - especially when several different animals are being fed in the household, e.g. cats, hares, rabbits, hamsters, chincillas, ferrets, guinea pigs, many bird species. Proven as additional litter for particularly damp places, e.g. around watering places, etc. These advantages are convincing: High suction power. Lasting moisture retention Excellent odour retention. Ecological: 100% pure plant fibres. Compostable and 100% biodegradable. Drastically less waste. Naturally fragrant - without artificial additives. Easier to transport. 

Cat's Best Universal (5.50 kg, Bedding)
Quantity discount
6.95per piece for 3 units1.26/1kg

Cat's Best Universal

5.50 kg, Bedding


2. M-Classic Wood shavings

Only softwood species are used to produce these wood shavings. Wood shavings are particularly absorbent as bedding and these as sleeping pads or soft nesting pillows.

M-Classic Wood shavings (3.10 kg, Bedding)

M-Classic Wood shavings

3.10 kg, Bedding


3. Chipsi Corn 10l

This is why it does not stick so easily to the fur and paws of the animal and is not carried out of the cage. The natural maize product has its own character and fragrance that is pleasant for the animal. 

Chipsi Corn 10l (4.50 kg, Bedding)
Quantity discount
10.10per piece for 2 units2.24/1kg

Chipsi Corn 10l

4.50 kg, Bedding


4. Copacabana Special bath sand

Bath sand for rodents

The Copacabana special bath sand is suitable for coat care or as bedding for cages.

Copacabana Special bath sand (1 kg, Sand)
Quantity discount
5.20per piece for 3 units5.20/1kg

Copacabana Special bath sand

1 kg, Sand


5. Chipsi Farmland Natural straw

The completely biodegradable, soft bedding for rodents and small animals is highly absorbent, odour-binding and is an excellent natural padding material for nest building. The freshly scented natural straw for small animals encourages nibbling and eating, thus supporting natural tooth abrasion and serves as a daily supplement to the raw fibre content. The high quality Chipsi Farmland natural straw comes from selected fields, ensuring consistent quality. 

Chipsi Farmland Natural straw (4 kg, Bedding)
Quantity discount
12.30per piece for 2 units3.08/1kg

Chipsi Farmland Natural straw

4 kg, Bedding


6. Chipsi Clean hemp litter

Chipsi hemp bedding makes both humans and animals feel comfortable. A dry floor ensures cleanliness in the small animal home. The almost dust-free and carefully cleaned hemp hurds are hygienic and suitable for allergy sufferers. The renewable raw material hemp is an ancient cultivated plant and can be grown in an environmentally friendly way. 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

Chipsi Clean hemp litter (20 kg, Bedding)

Chipsi Clean hemp litter

20 kg, Bedding


7. Chipsi Super

The Chipsi Super bedding granulate for rodents convinces with its high moisture absorption and suction power as well as the extra strong odour binding. Results in an unpressed multiple of the volume! The bedding alternative for all small animals: almost dust and germ-free - recommended by leading animal clinics. 

Chipsi Super (15 kg, Bedding)
21.–was 23.901.40/1kg

Chipsi Super

15 kg, Bedding


8. Chipsi Climate Floor Hemp Mat

The climate-friendly, healthy and heat-insulating small animal hemp mat motivates to play, nibble and build nests. The hemp mat is almost dust-free, hygienic and suitable for allergy sufferers and ensures a pleasant and clean room climate. The renewable raw material hemp is an ancient cultivated plant and can be cultivated in an environmentally friendly way. 100% biodegradable and compostable. Advantages: Nearly dust-free. Suitable for allergy sufferers. Renewable raw material. 100% biodegradable and compostable. Climate-friendly and heat-insulating. 

Chipsi Climate Floor Hemp Mat (0.75 kg)
Quantity discount
13.–per piece for 2 units17.33/1kg

Chipsi Climate Floor Hemp Mat

0.75 kg


9. Trobolo Compostable inlays 3 x 10s

Trobolo Compostable inlays 3 x 10s
15.90was 18.90

Trobolo Compostable inlays 3 x 10s

10. Hagen Bird sand paper 40x39cm

Useful carpet for the bird home

The bird sandpaper 40x39cm is a practical carpet in the bird home. The scope of delivery includes 8 sheets of paper.

Hagen Bird sand paper 40x39cm (0.76 kg, Bird sand)
Quantity discount
6.50per piece for 3 units8.58/1kg

Hagen Bird sand paper 40x39cm

0.76 kg, Bird sand