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Animal carriers + Bags

When it comes to transporting your beloved pet, choosing the right animal carrier or bag is essential for their comfort and safety. Our online shop offers a fantastic range of options tailored for different pets, particularly dogs, ensuring that your furry friend can travel with ease, whether you're taking a trip to the vet or embarking on a vacation. From sturdy transport boxes to convenient transport bags, you can find the perfect travel solution for your pet from trusted brands like Trixie, 4pets, Kleinmetall, Swisspet, and Cadoca, each offering their best-selling products like the Trixie Transport Box, the 4pets Car Caree, Kleinmetall's Longitudinal Divider for the trunk, Swisspet's Transport Bag Air, and the Cadoca Trasportino in various sizes.

When selecting the right carrier or bag for your pet, there are a few key properties to consider. First, the 'Pet' property lets you filter options based on the type of animal, ensuring the product is sized appropriately; in this case, most of our selection is designed for dogs. The 'Material group' is another important factor, with typical values like metal offering robust and secure housing for your pet during travel. Metal carriers often provide superior durability and safety, especially for car journeys. Additionally, size and portability features like handles or wheels may be a factor depending on the mode of travel and the pet's weight. Take the time to filter by these properties to find a carrier or bag that not only suits your pet's size and breed but also meets the requirements of your travel needs, ensuring comfort for your pet and convenience for you. With our top-selling brands, you're provided with a range of trusted products that cater to the varying needs of pet transportation.