Lyra Pet Peanut kernels chopped HK South America

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* with important raw materials
* popular delicacy
* excellent quality chopped peanut kernels
white blanched

Chopped peanuts are a popular delicacy for grain eaters.

The peanut kernels from South
America are an energy-rich snack for your wild birds.

NOTE! The article may - depending on the batch - contain peanut skin!

* Premium quality | Only the best for your wild birds!
* With important raw materials for a balanced diet.
* With us you get products of excellent quality!
* HK South America | Because we love animals.

The high-quality Lyra Pet peanut kernels from South America are a true delicacy for grain-eaters. They are aromatic and tasty, which is why they are particularly popular with feathered garden visitors.

As a true energy supplier, the peanut kernels enjoy real popularity among wild birds.


100 % peanut kernels


Peanuts 98.0 %

Peanut flour 2.0 %


7,0 %


Please store in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

Important notice:

Always provide your pet with sufficient drinking water.

Our peanut kernels are high-quality and purified natural products. The product pictures serve as example pictures and the delivered goods may differ in colour, shape and size.

The peanut kernels contain neither additives nor flavour enhancers or attractants. Therefore, it can also happen that they are not immediately accepted by the birds and products from the supermarket are preferred at first.

If you offer only natural products, you will notice after a few days that this food is well accepted and the flock of birds can also increase.


Bird behaviour is not the same at every time of year and in every weather. It is best to ask the specialists (e.g. Nabu, Vogelschutzbund or associations in your area). They can best inform you at which time of year and in which weather exactly which food should be offered to your feathered friends.

98% peanuts, 2% peanut flour

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1x Lyra Pet peanut kernels white chopped HK South America, 10kg or 25kg.

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