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Flexi New Classic (S, Dog, strolling) Actual product image
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Flexi New Classic (S, Dog, strolling)


Key specifications

scope of applicationstrolling
Leash + collar typetightrope, tether
Equipment + FunctionsReflective
Length800 cm

General information

Manufacturer Flexi
Product type Leashes + Collars

Leashes + Collars

The leash serves as a connection between humans and animals and provides control. The dog leash allows your dog to orient itself to you.
There are different types of dog leashes. With the roll line the width of the line can be adjusted steplessly by the roll mechanism in the device. The rolling mechanism ensures that the line is automatically rolled back if a shorter length is required. Depending on the design and the materials used, they are suitable for small and large dogs. It offers you and your pet flexibility and comfort. The lead line is used to lead your dog and usually has a length of up to 2 meters or even longer. This leash is also called everyday leash. With the Agility leash the leash functions at the same time as a collar. At the end of the leash the leash is pulled through the sliding ring, so that this results in the collar. The stopper on the leash allows you to adjust the size of the collar. There is also a pull limit so that it is not possible not to strangle your dog. At the other end of the line you will find a loop with which you can hold the line. The advantage of this leash is that you can give your dog a certain amount of leeway during activities that he needs for example to complete agility training sessions. If you want to train certain commands at certain intervals with your dog, then the drag line is the right choice. In most cases it is up to 20 meters long and usually longer and thinner than a lead line. The dog usually pulls the hanging drag line on the ground behind him and practically drags it along with him. The control takes place by a step on the line, amplified by an acoustic signal. Railing on which you can give your dog more freedom, but you still want some control, the roller leash is a good choice. If you want to maintain control with your dog, the lead line is more likely to suit you. For agility activities, such as dog parkour, the agility leash is suitable. When training special commands to certain distances between you and your dog, the drag line is the right line. The bigger your cat or dog is, the wider and bigger the collar should be. Narrow collars are again well suited for small cats and dogs. As a rule, two fingers should fit between your pet and the collar. Among the collars there are different types and variants. They differed in the materials, colours and functions used. The education collar helps you with the education of your four-legged friend. A small device is attached to the collar itself from which either a sound signal or a spray burst comes and serves as training support. With the hand transmitter you can activate the respective signals to the collar. Bad behaviour of your dog can be changed and at the same time the basic obedience is trained. Illuminated collars provide extra protection for you and your pet in the evening. If, for example, you are on the road with your dog in the evening, other road users will be able to see you better thanks to the reflectors or lights on the collar, your four-legged friend and yourself. This increases safety for you and your companion. Beside the collars there is alternatively still the dog harness. The typical dog harness consists of a belly strap and two chest straps. Materials such as leather, nylon, fleece or neoprene are used for the belts. Depending on the intended use, there are harnesses for tracking, protection, hunting, rescue and blind dog use. The advantage of the harness over a collar is that the weight is not centered on the cervical vertebra when the leash is pulled, but is more distributed on the chest and abdomen.

Item number6203952
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Colour group
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Material group
Specific material description

Pet properties


Leash + Necklace Features

scope of application
Leash + collar type
Equipment + Functions

Product dimensions

800 cm
220 g

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Flexi New Classic (S, Dog, strolling) Flexi New Classic (S, Dog, strolling)