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The classic wine bottle is usually sealed with a cork. But alternative closures are becoming more and more popular even for high-quality wine bottles: plastic corks, glass closures or screw caps, for example. Screw caps are not a characteristic of low-quality wines. In Switzerland, even the highest quality domestic wines are usually fitted with screw caps. Silicone stoppers tend not to hold the sulphur as well and make wines age faster. Screw caps are more and more common and don't affect the taste of the wine. Elegant glass stoppers (product Vino-Lok/Vino-Seal by the manufacturer Alcoa) are new inventions, which are also rather new on the market. They feature a plastic seal. Cork taint often leads to discussions about cork closures and has resulted in plastic, screw and glass closures. 

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Vacu Vin - Ersatzstopfen (Champagne, Wine bottle)

zzysh - Kartuschen (Wine bottle)

Vacu Vin - Wine Saver (Wine bottle)

CORAVIN - Patronen zu Weinausgiesser (Wine bottle)

- Rondellen (Champagne, Wine bottle)

CORAVIN - 2 Plus Pack (Wine bottle)

zzysh - Wine preserver (Wine bottle)

Vacu Vin - Crystal (Wine bottle)

Vacu Vin - Vacuum Wine Saver (Wine bottle)

kiboni - Corky (Champagne)

AdHoc - Aussgiesser FV42

CORAVIN - Wine pouring set (Wine bottle)

kiboni - Tchin (Champagne, Wine bottle)

WMF - Clever More (Champagne)

WMF - Clever More (Wine bottle)