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1. Venture Home Sarasota


Venture Home Sarasota (66 x 3 x 193 cm)

Venture Home Sarasota

66 x 3 x 193 cm

2. Swisshandel24 Palmdale

Palmdale make-up mirrorThe frameless Palmdale make-up mirror has 14 energy-saving LED lights all around. This allows for optimal illumination. For perfect light regulation, the mirror is equipped with a dimmer on the side to regulate the brightness. Furthermore, the mirror is equipped with a USB port on the side and enables charging of the smartphone or other USB devices. For the ideal room design, the base is removable, which makes wall mounting possible. A stylish Hollywood mirror that enhances the ambience. Approx. dimensions:Total height: 68 cmTotal width: 80 cmTotal depth 16 cmWeight: 11 kg Power consumption: 100-240V 50/60HZA Output power 12V 1A. 

Swisshandel24 Palmdale (80 x 16 x 68 cm)

Swisshandel24 Palmdale

80 x 16 x 68 cm

3. Hanah Home Keilani

Experience elegance and luxury with our Cheval mirror Transform your room into an oasis of sophistication and style with our exquisite Cheval mirror. Crafted with utmost precision, this mirror is designed to elevate the ambience of any room, leaving you in awe of its beauty. Unrivalled quality and durability Made from 100% metal, our Cheval mirror is built to last. Its sturdy frame ensures stability and longevity, allowing you to enjoy its elegance for years to come. Versatility to enrich your interior With its elegant and timeless design, our Cheval mirror effortlessly complements any interior style. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional aesthetic, this mirror is the perfect addition to elevate your home décor. Large storage space for your convenience With its numerous shelves, our Cheval mirror offers you ample storage space for your essentials. Keep your accessories, cosmetics or even books neatly organised and add functionality to its already stunning design. Easy installation and versatility Our Cheval mirror is easy to attach to the wall, ensuring stability and security. Whether you choose to place it in your bedroom, living room or even your bathroom, this mirror will effortlessly adapt to any space. Captivating black colour The Cheval mirror is finished in a captivating black, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your surroundings. Its consistent colour concept exudes a touch of luxury reminiscent of a high-end hotel experience. Technical details: Frame material: 100% metal Dimensions: Width: 50 cm, Height: 170 cm, Depth: 60 cm (Max) Mirror included: Yes Shelves: Numerous shelves for storage Wall-mountable: Can be easily attached to the wall Colour: Black 

Hanah Home Keilani (50 x 60 x 170 cm)

Hanah Home Keilani

50 x 60 x 170 cm

4. Ferm Living Pond Mirror

Featuring two individual mirrors, the Pond series explores organic shapes for a classic mirror with a thin and elegant brass frame. Inspired by free-flowing movements of water, the mirror invites open and fluid forms into your home, turning the functional mirror into a decorative wall piece. The mirror can be hung more ways so that you can find the perfect fit for the room and your needs. 

Ferm Living Pond Mirror

Ferm Living Pond Mirror

5. TecTake Jewellery cabinet

his noble jewellery cabinet allows you to store jewellery and accessories clearly and dust-free. The mirror cabinet impresses above all with its high-quality workmanship and attention to detail. An enrichment for every bathroom, bedroom or dressing room. On the many hooks and in the compartments, necklaces, rings, earrings, watches are always clearly tidy and easy to sort. The mirror can be swivelled and fixed at different levels - so it can be optimally aligned according to requirements and body size. With the jewellery cabinet with mirror, functionality and aesthetics of form meet and harmonise excellently with each other. 

TecTake Jewellery cabinet (45 x 37 x 147 cm)

TecTake Jewellery cabinet

45 x 37 x 147 cm

6. ELTAP Verona

The Verona full-length freestanding mirror will be perfect for arrangements that focus on minimalism, thanks to its slim frame - available in two colors: white and black - and lack of additional decorations. Its slender, smooth frame has a classic finish. Verona mirror is long and large enough: 50 x 170 centimeters, so that you can see the entire silhouette - from head to toe.Another advantage of the Verona mirror is its ability to adapt to current requirements. If you need a standing mirror - it has a support and can easily stand on the floor. If you need to hang the mirror, just pull down the support and hang the mirror on the wall - pins included in the set. In addition, the Verona decorative mirror gives you the ability to smoothly adjust the angle of the mirror in the standing option, so it is more convenient to use it. For safety and care of the place where the mirror is set, the furniture has rubber pads to protect the floor from scratching. 

ELTAP Verona (50 x 170 cm)

ELTAP Verona

50 x 170 cm

7. Umbra Hubba

HUBBA Curved standing mirror, titanium

The curved Hubba mirror is the modern answer to the classic standing mirror. Its decorative and sleek metal frame is guaranteed
to be compatible with any home décor. Hubba's mirror surface is large (51 x 158 cm) and reflects natural and artificial light, helping to brighten even the darkest of rooms. Hubba creates visual depth, which instantly makes small rooms look larger.

The curved standing mirror is part of the popular Hubba mirror collection consisting of round mirror (86 cm diameter) and curved wall mirror (86 x 91 cm). Looking for a mirror that transforms your space? Then order your Hubba standing mirror by Umbra today.

About Umbra: Umbra is an international design company known for original, modern, cool, functional and affordable products for home & life.

- Material: Mirror, PVC

- Weight: 8,07 kg

- Colour: titanium

- Dimensions: 51 x 4 x 158 cm.

8. House Doctor Walls

Walls by House Doctor is a beautiful, classic mirror with a nice round shape. Use the mirror in a hallway - you can also use it as a decorative detail on a wall in your living room. The mirror brings depth and an attractive look to your rooms. This mirror is suitable for wet rooms. 

9. Ferm Living Tangent

Featuring notable bent edges, the Tangent Mirror tricks the mind into believing that it levitates from the wall. The name of the mirror echoes the unique design where the surfaces are tangent with the radius of the bends. Owing to its sleek design, the mirror suits any room - even as a decorative element in the living room - and can be hung vertically and horizontally. 

10. Kave Home Anera

Perfectly imperfect. This asymmetric mirror is a crafty piece. Some people see a stone from the river, others a waterdrop, but in any case, this is a mirror with a unique style for spaces with character.