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1. Zeller Present Lil

The modern and timeless design makes this fruit basket the ideal storage option for fruit or vegetables. The basket made of black matt metal can also be used as a decorative bowl in the living room.

2. Gusta Fruit basket

With wooden base, diameter top: 24 cm diameter bottom: 13.5 cm.

Gusta Fruit basket (24 cm)
Decorative bowls
Quantity discount
12.80per piece for 2 units

Gusta Fruit basket

24 cm


3. Relaxdays Banana Hanger, Round Support Stand

When bananas lie in fruit baskets, unsightly pressure marks quickly form on them. Thanks to the banana holder, this will no longer happen to you in the future. Let the yellow perennial fruits ripen in a natural position. Grapes or tomatoes will also retain their freshness longer with the banana stand - and they will also add a splash of colour or two to your kitchen. The round base, which includes 3 removable rubber pads, ensures a firm stand. 

4. Relaxdays Hanging Baskets

Space-saving Storage Solution

Storing fruit, vegetables or snacks can be difficult if you have no where to put. The 3-tiered hanging baskets are just the right solution if you have small rooms with no storage possibilities Just suspend the baskets from the ceiling or shelf using a hook. If you decide to use one of the 3 food-safe steel baskets individually, then just remove this from the chain. If
not at all needed, just stack one into the other as they are all different sizes. 

5. Zeller Present fruit bowl

This futuristic bowl made of black metal is a true all-rounder. It is suitable for storing fruit and vegetables, but also sweets, small snacks or jewellery find their place in this beautiful bowl. The three round feet provide a secure stand.

6. Relaxdays Fruit basket

Decorative fruit basket. With the elegant fruit bowl you can store crisp fresh fruit and vegetables not only airy, but also present them just as appealing in the kitchen or dining room. At the same time, the fruit basket in the industrial look already makes a good figure itself. Put a napkin in the storage basket to use it as a bread basket on the Sunday breakfast table. Or place the wire basket equipped with decoration on the living room table. 

7. Kela Como

Fear basket made of metal with lid in mesh look. This grey fruit basket protects your fruit and serves its purpose especially during the warm season, as well as in the garden or on the balcony.

8. Mette Ditmer Shell

The beautiful shells are a perfect addition to any room. Either as a stand-alone piece, in groups or combined with vases, books or other treasured elements that make a living stilleben. Shells set the stage for a calm and elegant feel in the bathroom, on the coffee table, in the kitchen or in the bedroom – display them anywhere for a beautiful focal point in your home.

9. Yamazaki Wide

Elegant, stable fruit bowl for table and kitchen.

10. iDesign Axis

InterDesign's Fruit Bowl with Banana Hanger is a great addition to any kitchen. Made of durable Matte Black steel, this innovative design stores fruit and keeps bananas suspended for even ripening.