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1. Thomas Merlo & Partner Newspaper binder

The paper collector & newspaper binder, designed in 1989, can hardly be imagined. Faithful and reliable, it provides its services to more than one million households and offices worldwide. He collects and collects... 

Thomas Merlo & Partner Newspaper binder (37 x 27 x 37 cm)
Newspaper racks

Thomas Merlo & Partner Newspaper binder

37 x 27 x 37 cm

2. Micasa Tom

3. Zeller Present newspaper rack

En acier laminé à froid, thermolaqué.

4. Koziol Milano

The exclusive Milano newspaper rack stores your newspapers and magazines in style. Its timeless and discreet design adapts perfectly to its surroundings and finds its place in any room. This practical and chic object ensures order and skillfully sets accents with its simplicity. 

5. Koziol Milan

Colour: dark grey.

6. Relaxdays Wall Magazine Rack

Magazine Wall Organizer

Loose magazines and newspapers, as well as letters and other documents lying about are now a thing of the past with this magazine rack.
The stand features 6 DIN A4 compartments with sufficient storage space for newspapers, magazines, brochures, leaflets and other documents. An additional compartment serves as a tray for pens, notes or keys. Mounting is done easily and quickly with the included screws and wall plugs. 

7. Thomas Merlo & Partner Wall magazine holder

Minimalist in design, the newspaper stand consists of strong, chrome-plated steel wire. Its five shelves hold the monthly or daily press review on the wall, just like in a former corner shop or at a kiosk. Even if the upper bracket suggests it, the newspaper stand must be attached to its four eyelets with dowels and screws to display its magazines and periodicals. 

8. OXO Greensaver activated carbon filter

The safe and non-toxic activated carbon filter made of coconuts absorbs ethylene gas to keep fruits fresh in the fruit and vegetable drawer. The OXO Greensaver activated carbon filter system keeps fruit and vegetables fresh longer. A natural, completely non-toxic activated carbon filter absorbs the ethylene gas, slows down the spoilage process and keeps the fruit fresh for longer. The refill contains 4 filters. 

OXO Greensaver activated carbon filter
Newspaper racks
Quantity discount
11.80 per piece for 2 units

OXO Greensaver activated carbon filter

9. Zeller Present Magazine holder

This modern wall/door magazine holder is made of powder-coated metal. The 3 compartments offer sufficient space for magazines and journals. The modern magazine holder can be mounted on the wall as well as on the door and can therefore be used and adapted individually. The mounting material is included in the scope of delivery. Installation is as quick as it is uncomplicated. 

10. Office Newspaper stacker

Office chrome newspaper stand.