Best House Doctor products in the Vases category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best House Doctor products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. House Doctor Rustics

Give your flowers or plants a stylish, personalized look with a beautiful flower pot. Rustik from House Doctor is a pretty flower pot that fits perfectly into any interior style. The pot is made of clay and has a cool, rustic concrete look. The particular rustic look will bring a lively and warm touch to your home and will make an exciting contrast to more traditional ceramic and porcelain pots. Combine Rustik with similar products from the same series to create a unique look. 

House Doctor Rustics (18 cm)

House Doctor Rustics

18 cm


2. House Doctor Reena

Reena is a large bottle vase that will highlight your favorite flowers. The lightweight aluminum was given a dark brown color and decorated by hand with a pretty surface pattern. To balance the voluminous shape and intricate pattern, the narrow neck of the vase has been left out.This subtle yet intriguing bottle vase is a beautiful eye-catcher for your coffee table or sideboard - especially if you decorate it with a few flowers or branches. Combine it with the smaller version to enhance the beautiful effect. Irregularities in the pattern may occur, as the product is handmade, and are an integral part of the design. 

House Doctor Reena

House Doctor Reena


3. House Doctor Tinka

A beautiful example of this is this glass vase in classic dark green by House Doctor. The color sprayed on the outside is transparent. Present it together with similar vases on a side table or make it the highlight of your dining table decorated with dried flowers and branches. Another nice decoration idea is an arrangement with candlesticks and other vases in similar natural tones for a warm and inviting mood. 

House Doctor Tinka (23.50 cm)

House Doctor Tinka

23.50 cm


4. House Doctor June

The organic shape gives the large vase Juno from House Doctor a timeless and gentle look. The porcelain earth was covered with a simple white glaze to brighten your home decor. You may have already seen that the finish is not quite very good. But don't worry. It's all natural and part of the design, since the vase is handmade. Combine it with the smaller Juno vases and create a corner of sculptural objects on your windowsill or on a side table. 

House Doctor June

House Doctor June


5. House Doctor glassware

Create a cozy mood in your interior with the distinctive Glass Vase from House Doctor. The vase is made of glass and has a simple and light design language. Invite nature in and decorate the vase with a few simple, delicate branches from the garden. Also feel free to arrange it undecorated on the table. Regardless of what you choose, the Glass Vase will be a cool detail to your decor. Dimensions: dia: 16.5 cm, H.: 30.5 cm. 

House Doctor glassware (25.50 cm)

House Doctor glassware

25.50 cm

6. House Doctor Dot

The circular dots on the surface surrounds the vase giving the vase an alternative and extremely sculptural look. Use it as a design statement in your home, both on its own and with cut flowers. 

House Doctor Dot (10 cm)

House Doctor Dot

10 cm


7. House Doctor Flow

A rectangular vase? With holes for each flower stem? Sure it does. The Flow vase from House Doctor is a real highlight in your home decor. While the black color and aluminum material are subtle, the hole lid and rectangular shape make this vase something truly unique. Instead of presenting flowers together in a classic bouquet, you can use Flow to highlight each individual flower in keeping with the Japanese ikebana tradition. Simply remove the lid, fill the vase with water, arrange the flowers to your liking, and find the perfect spot for your floral artwork in your home. Maybe on the window sill or on your side table?. 

House Doctor Flow (14 cm)

House Doctor Flow

14 cm

8. House Doctor Forms

Let the beautiful Forms Low vase from House Doctor add a light and elegant atmosphere to your home. The beautiful glass vase is made of clear glass and has a wonderful shape with its beautiful, round form. This stunning vase is extremely appealing with a bouquet of flowers, and it will undoubtedly adorn any home. Use it on your windowsill or as part of a simple display – both with and without flowers. 

House Doctor Forms (16 cm)

House Doctor Forms

16 cm


9. House Doctor Groove

The Danish company House Doctor helps to find the right medicine for all problems in the home. No matter what condition the patient is in, House Doctor has everything to make your home unmistakable and underline your personal style. The Danish style is provocative, personal and not overly formal. They like to mix different materials and thus rely on the tension of oppositeness. But be warned, House Doctor's products have strong addictive potential and can easily cause tachycardia and real fits of ecstasy, even in small doses. 

House Doctor Groove (35 cm)

House Doctor Groove

35 cm


10. House Doctor Missisipi

The handles, typical of this era, present a modern, angular design, while the glaze could not shine more even if it wanted to. Present this vase in a place where it will get the attention it deserves. For example, on your side table or on a shelf adorned with branches and flowers. As a stand-alone highlight, it has a sculptural effect. Together with other vases in different shapes, colours and sizes, it becomes part of a unique arrangement. 

House Doctor Missisipi (31 cm)

House Doctor Missisipi

31 cm