Best Wenko products in the Towel holders + towel hooks category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Wenko products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Wenko Verna

The Verna Duo shower hook from Wenko in black is a practical helper in the shower cubicle. The silicone hook can be easily attached to shower walls and ensures that shower utensils are quickly within reach. The Verna shower hook is ideal for shower cubicles with a wall thickness of up to 10 mm. It can be easily attached to the shower wall. The silicone material leaves no marks or scratches. The shower hook with its two hooks offers plenty of space for shower utensils. You can place the hook inside the shower cubicle and hang sponges or flannels there, for example, which are quickly within reach and can drip off after showering. Alternatively, the shower hook can be attached to the outside of the shower wall and serve as a hook for towels, the bathrobe or other clothing. This way, you have towels and co. quickly at hand after the shower. 

2. Wenko Door hook strip

All kitchen utensils find their place on the four beautiful hooks. The multi-talent is particularly suitable for the clear storage of dish towels, cloths and pot gloves in the kitchen cupboard under the sink. These are hung up there so that they are quickly ready to hand. The practical hook strip also offers space for towels, washing gloves or other utensils in the bathroom. The decorative hook bar made of chrome-plated metal is simply hung on the inside or outside of the drawer or cupboard door. The strip can also be hung on the room door. It is suitable for door rebate thicknesses up to 2 cm. 

3. Wenko Dishcloth holder

The decorative stainless steel holder can be placed anywhere and the cloth is always within easy reach. The TurboFIX wall mounting system offers decorative accessories and shelves that are easy to wall mount without screws, drills or dowels. The fastening is child's play. The TurboFIX wall mount is an adhesive system with an extremely firm hold on all smooth surfaces. Simply remove the protective film from the adhesive pad, fix the holder in the desired position and press on. Then just hang up the accessory. The adhesive pad can be removed without leaving any residue. Thanks to the special adhesive pad system, the fastening hooks can be permanently loaded with a tensile force of up to 40 kg. 

4. Wenko Bahari

These are made of high-quality bamboo, which is hard and resistant. All pieces of furniture in the Bahari series also offer clear ecological advantages: Bamboo is a rapidly renewable raw material. The attractive Bahari towel rail quickly and easily solves the problem of missing hanging options in the household without drilling holes in the wall. In addition, the towel rail on its 5 towel rails offers sufficient space for many towels and takes up little space. All shower, bath and towels for the whole family are always at hand and have sufficient space to dry. Washcloths, wash gloves, etc. can be neatly hung up on the two additional hooks. The high-quality ladder is also ideal as a clothes rack for clothing and accessories of all kinds. With the Bahari towel ladder you have a real all-rounder and eye-catcher for the whole house. 

5. Wenko Hook

The hook set always keeps the bathrobe, towels and much more decoratively handy. The innovation in fastening technology is called Vacuum-Loc. The unique system allows accessories to be attached quickly, easily and safely to all impermeable and slightly uneven surfaces. The new Vacuum-Loc system consists of a pump and mounting locs, it does not have to be drilled or screwed, suction cups are also not necessary. The installation of the Vacuum-Loc system is child's play with the help of the pump. By sucking off the air using the supplied pump, a vacuum is created in the Loc and the adapters with the accessory can be loaded immediately. The vacuum locs can be repositioned as often as required and removed without leaving any residue. 

6. Wenko Double door hooks

The high-quality kitchen and door double hook is made of stainless, matt stainless steel. This space-saving and decorative universal genius is ideal for hanging tea towels, towels or pot holders on kitchen cabinets. So all useful utensils are always at hand for the next use. The matt hook with two hangers is very easy to attach. It can easily be attached to any door with a rebate thickness of 2 cm. The door is still easy to close. With this practical fastening method, neither drilling nor screwing is required. 

7. Wenko Viva

The bathroom series Viva presents a timeless, modern concept with clear and unique shapes. The elegant towel rail from the bathroom series Viva quickly and easily solves the problem of missing hanging possibilities in the bathroom without drilling holes in the wall. In addition, the towel rail on its 5 towel rails offers sufficient space for many towels and takes up little space. The Viva towel ladder is simply leaned against any bathroom wall and is therefore quickly ready for use and can be adjusted flexibly at any time. Non-slip rubbers are attached to the feet so that the ladder stands securely on any surface. 

8. Wenko Bosio

The trendy Bosio Black bathroom series in Industrial Style gives all rooms that certain something. With their straightforward design and strong presence, the accessories create the ideal contrast to bright kitchens & bathrooms. The elegant, matt hook in the trendy black robe helps to keep things tidy in the bathroom, toilet and the entire household. So everything has its place and is kept within easy reach, whether it's a towel, washcloth or bath towel. Screws and plugs for wall mounting are included in the scope of delivery. Alternatively, mounting without drilling is also possible. The Power-Loc adhesive set is available separately. The Power-Loc chamber adhesive system is characterised by an extremely firm hold on all load-bearing surfaces, e.g. tiles, natural stone, glass, concrete, metal, wood and many plastics. The fastening system holds without any problems even on rough and slightly uneven surfaces. 

9. Wenko Push

The high-quality kitchen and door hook Push is made of stainless steel with a matt finish. The cloth, etc. is simply pushed into the matt hook. This way, all useful utensils are always ready to hand for the next use. The practical hooks also cut a fine figure on bathroom doors and cabinets. Attaching the trendy hook is child's play. It is easy to hang on any door with a rebate thickness of 2 cm. The door can still be closed easily. With this practical fastening method, there is no need to drill or screw. 

10. Wenko Hook for towel radiator

In discreet white, the useful helpers create space for several bath and shower towels on the towel radiator. The hooks are simply hung on the towel rails of the towel warmer. They always keep the towels handy at desired place next to each other or also staggered.