Best Relaxdays products in the Coat hangers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Relaxdays products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Relaxdays Non-Slip Trouser Hanger

Non-slip Clothes Hanger Set

The best way to avoid creased trousers, is to hang them up. These wire hangers are open end and thus perfect for hanging up skirts and
trousers. The PVC anti-slip coating prevents the garments from falling off. The wardrobe hangers are only app. 0.5 cm thick, taking up little room, meaning that more will fit. The hangers are made of metal and are very robust. 

2. Relaxdays Children's coat hangers

Use the coat hangers to ensure a uniform and tidy look in the children's wardrobe. The two notches prevent trousers, jackets and other children's clothing from slipping off the hanger. If the clothes hangers are no longer needed, simply stack them to save space. 

Relaxdays Children's coat hangers (20 x)
Coat hangers
31.90was 36.90

Relaxdays Children's coat hangers

20 x

3. Relaxdays Coat hanger

Whether you want to hang pants, shirts, blouses or ties: The plastic coat hangers can be used in a variety of ways. The black velvet cover ensures that your garments do not slip. The same applies to the 2 lateral notches. The metal hook rotates so you can choose how you hang the velvet coat hangers - convenient. 

4. Relaxdays Kids' Coat Hanger Set of 20

Kids' Clothes Hangers with 360° Swivel Hooks

With this set of sturdy wooden coat hangers, you can set your child's closet in order in no time. The flexible hangers
are ideal for shirts, dresses and much more. The rail stores pants crease-free. Thanks to 2 notches on the sides, dresses and tops are also not in danger of simply sliding off. The wooden hangers are very sturdy in nature and thus suited to hold even winter coats. 

Relaxdays Kids' Coat Hanger Set of 20 (20 x)
Coat hangers

Relaxdays Kids' Coat Hanger Set of 20

20 x

5. Relaxdays Trouser Hangers Set of 12

Sturdy Wooden Trouser Hangers

Finally restore order to your cluttered closet. With these clamp hangers, you can store pants, scarves or skirts neatly and thus prevent
unsightly wrinkles and creases. The insides of the clips are lined with felt to protect your clothes. Since the metal hooks can swivel at 360 degrees, you can flexibly use them as needed. With their white look, the hangers ensure a chic and uniform look for your wardrobe. The wooden pants clamps come in a handy set of 12. 

6. Relaxdays Kinderkleiderbügel

Handy Kids’ Coat Hangers with Soft Velvet Coating

With these cute clothes hangers, you can set the closet of your little ones in order. The velvet hangers are small
enough to fit well into little hands. Thanks to the velvet coating, they are both pleasantly soft and prevent clothes from slipping off. The pants rail makes sure you can hang up pants crease-free. Notches make sure that dresses or tops stay in place securely. The swivel hooks ensure flexible use. 

7. Relaxdays Trouser Hanger Pack of 12

Lightweight Hangers for Pants, Scarves and More

With these trouser holders, you can hang up clothes in your closet neatly and free of creases. Just fixate them
in the clamps and they are ready for orderly storage. The clips are lined with felt to prevent annoying wrinkles, which is especially important for suits. What is more, the holders also present clothes and help keep and overview, so you don't have to spend so long searching for the right piece. The wooden pants hangers come in subtle black. One set contains 12 pieces. 

8. Relaxdays Satin Clothes Hanger Set

Soft Padded Coat Hangers

Add a glamorous look to your wardrobe or closet with this beautiful set of lovely coat hangers. The beautiful hangers are coated with shiny
white satin and all boast a small decorative bow. The soft fabric protects your more delicate clothing and the padding also prevents creases and wrinkles. Thanks to the 360° swivel hooks make sure you can use the sturdy hangers flexibly. 

9. Relaxdays Set of 6 Space-Saving Hangers

White Space-Saving Hangers. This set of six space-saving hangers will help you bring back order into your closet. The wardrobe organisers help you make a better use of your storage space - Simply place them vertically or horizontally. This is possible thanks to the flexible swivel hooks. You can hang up to six clothes hangers on each of the organisers. The sturdy metal hangers keep your shirts, blouses or trousers always at the ready. 

Relaxdays Set of 6 Space-Saving Hangers (6 x)
Coat hangers

Relaxdays Set of 6 Space-Saving Hangers

6 x

10. Relaxdays Hanz

Wooden Clothes Hangers Set

For business meeting and job interviews, it is important to look seriously in the best way. Better even if you suit looks like freshly
ironed the day you decide to put it on. Thanks to the extra wide shoulder parts, your jacket and more stay free of wrinkles. The hangers are even sturdy enough to support heavy winter gear. Swivel hooks make sure that you can use the hangers flexibly in your closet or for your door.