Best Relaxdays products in the Bathroom shelving category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Relaxdays products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Relaxdays Badregal

With the bathroom shelf made of bamboo you not only create storage space, but also a decorative highlight in your bathroom. With 2 adjustable shelves, the cabinet offers plenty of storage space for cleaning agents, sponges and more. Bathroom accessories such as cosmetics and care products can also be stored on the open shelves. The decorative tall cabinet has a total of 5 shelves. The stand shelf is made of moisture-resistant bamboo. With its natural grain, it also blends decoratively into the living room or hallway. 

2. Relaxdays Laundry basket shelf

Especially as bathroom furniture for small bathrooms, the bamboo shelf is a great choice, as it cleverly combines practical storage space for cosmetics & co. with 2 small fabric laundry baskets. However, the fabric baskets are not only suitable for sorting your dirty laundry, but are also a decorative way to store towels. The baskets can be pulled out to both sides & removed completely & form with your gray design a modern contrast to the natural bamboo. 

3. Relaxdays Bathroom Shelf

Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

This slim bamboo bathroom rack provides plenty of storage space even in cramped rooms. Open tiers make sure your toothbrush is always close
at hand. The door gives way to two height-adjustable panels. Bamboo is especially well suited for rooms with a high level of humidity. For cleaning, occasional wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient. This wooden shelf is an eye-catcher in your kitchen, hallway or laundry room. Its unique wooden grain adds a natural charm to your bathroom. 

4. Relaxdays Washing machine shelf

Especially in small bathrooms, it is usually necessary to use the available floor space as effectively as possible. You can do that with this space-saving over-the-top shelf, with which you can create additional storage space above the washing machine, dryer or toilet. On the 2 open shelves of the toilet shelf, you can store cleaning and washing products, toilet paper and other bathroom utensils within easy reach. The toilet shelf is made of sturdy bamboo & thus made for wet rooms like the bathroom. 

5. Relaxdays Bathroom Shelf with Hamper

Modern Bamboo Shelf with Tilting Hamper for Bathroom and Bedroom

This sturdy laundry shelf is a real space wonder. You can store your dirty clothes in this nifty
combination of bathroom shelf and laundry hamper. At the same time, you can use the two spacious shelves for toiletries, towels, cosmetics and other trinkets. The fabric box can be easily removed for carrying your laundry to the washing machine. This square shelf in made of natural bamboo and exudes warmth. 

6. Relaxdays Bathroom cabinet

Space-saving side cabinet for bathroom, guests and hallway

The compact bathroom cabinet is ideal for the guest bathroom or the small bathroom. Space-saving and
yet spacious, the bathroom cabinet with two drawers and large main compartment offers enough space for your bathroom utensils. The main compartment provides, thanks to a shelf for even more order in your bathroom. The white midi cabinet also fits in hallway or guest room. For more security, the small multi-purpose cabinet can be attached to the wall. 

7. Relaxdays Suspension shelf

This practical hanging shelf with its 4 levels offers a lot of storage space without taking up much space itself. Thanks to the 2 hooks supplied, you can easily hang it on the door, the shower cubicle or the refrigerator. Installation is quick and easy, without drilling. 

8. Relaxdays Bamboo Storage Shelf

Standing Shelf for Extra Storage Space

If you are in desperate need of storage space in your bathroom, kitchen or living room, this bamboo shelf is just what you
need. It does not only provide tiers and space for toiletries, kitchen utensils and flower pots, but it also looks great as well. The bamboo features a warm grain and colour for a natural ambience. You can flexibly adjust this bamboo piece, because you can access its contents from both sides - Nifty! Round floor protectors on the bottom ensure firm footing. 

9. Relaxdays Mini chest of drawers bamboo

The compact storage box made of wood and white fabric convinces. The elegant country house look combines natural appearance and functionality. Keep make-up, cosmetics, handicrafts, bathroom articles or office accessories in a narrow all-purpose box and have your most important utensils always at hand. As an all-rounder, the box fits into the bedroom, living room or bathroom. 

10. Relaxdays Shelf

Practical Multifunctional Shelf with Tiers

Enhance corners and niches of your home with this bamboo and steel organising shelf. Bathroom, kitchen or office - The
universal organising shelf offers abundant storage space and small footprint. Its waterproof shelves made of natural bamboo material makes it the perfect option for the bathroom so you can store make up, shampoo and present it in a neat way. Choose for yourself how many tiers you need. The smaller size offers storage space on three levels, while the larger version does so on four.