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Tableware sets

Tableware sets are a great way to beautify your dining table and make your meals special. Our tableware sets let you pick from all kinds of styles, sizes, materials and combinations. From classic to modern, elegant to colorful, there's a set for every taste and occasion. Below, you'll learn more about the different types of tableware sets and why they shouldn't be missing from your kitchen:

- A breakfast set, as the name suggests, is designed specifically for breakfast or brunch. It usually includes smaller plates for bread, croissants or cereal, bowls for yogurt or fruit, and matching cups or mugs for coffee, tea or juice. A breakfast set is ideal for starting the day with perfectly coordinated tableware.

- The coffee set is specially designed for enjoying coffee. It includes cups and saucers in various sizes, as well as coffee pots and sugar bowls in most cases. Some coffee sets also include small cake plates or pastry bowls. With a stylish coffee set, you can offer your guests a perfect coffee moment.

- A combination service is versatile and practical as it usually includes a combination of dinner plates, soup plates, dessert plates and cups or mugs. It is an all-rounder for everyday use, providing the right base for every meal. The combination service is popular because it perfectly suits the needs of a family or a single household.

- For lovers of Japanese cuisine, a sushi set is a must. It consists of special sushi plates on which the various sushi creations can be displayed in style. It often also includes bowls for soy sauce and chopsticks. With a sushi set, eating sushi becomes an authentic and aesthetic experience.

- A dinnerware set is the ultimate for formal occasions and festive tables. It contains an extensive selection of dinnerware, including dinner and soup plates, dessert plates, bowls, and other accessories such as gravy boats and platters. Dinnerware is often made of fine porcelain and adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to your table.

- A plate set is a practical and popular option for everyday use. It usually includes a selection of dining plates in a variety of sizes and designs. A typical plate set consists of flat plates for main dishes and deep plates for soups or pasta. It is perfect for everyday use at family dinners or meals with friends.