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    5 easy tips to create more space and order in your closet

    by Stephanie Vinzens

Shoe cabinet

It's time to get organised! With our range of shoe cupboards, you can finally get to grips with the mountain of shoes in your hallway or entrance area. You can choose from a variety of options to find the right one for your needs. From classic shoe cabinets and shoe racks, to useful shoe benches, to more unusual storage options like stackable shoe boxes or shoe carousels, you'll find the right home for your shoes.

Out of sight, out of mind. That's the big advantage of shoe cabinets that hide shoes behind doors or store them in folding compartments. As soon as the shoes are stowed away and the doors are closed, the entrance area looks neat and tidy again. They are also a good place to store shoes that are not worn very often and protect them from dust or fading in the sun.
In the classic shoe rack, on the other hand, the shoes are always visible and can therefore be found quickly even on a hectic morning. The open design, however, tends to get dusty quickly and is therefore a good alternative to the shoe cupboard, especially for shoes that are worn regularly, and rather less for storing less worn specimens.

Shoe benches are conceptually a combination of storage space and bench and offer the possibility to sit down on the furniture to put on shoes. Equipped with upholstery or further storage space under the seat, the bench is the all-rounder among the shoe storage options.

With stackable shoe boxes, you can showcase your favourite shoes like a display object and still protect them from dust and external influences. You can create entire shoe walls by stacking them on top of each other, or you can store worn shoes in your wardrobe next to clean clothes without worrying.

A shoe carousel offers the advantage that it can store many shoes in a small space. So they look particularly good in otherwise unused corners of a room or entrance area. Thanks to their rotating function, all shoes are still easily accessible and can be found quickly. Do you like it more unusual? - Then a shoe carousel can also be placed as an eye-catcher in the middle of a dressing room. This way, you present your shoes to everyone who enters the room and make matching outfits and shoes a matter of seconds.