Scented candles

Candle that exudes a nice fragrance when burning.

Inner peace and doughnut dreams


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Blomus - Scented candles (114g, myrrh, Sandalwood)

Yankee Candle - Large Jar (623g, bergamot, sweet lime, citrus fruits, Woody, Herbaceous)

Yankee Candle - Jar (623g, Floral, Lemon, Fresh)

Blomus - Fraga (Sage)

Yankee Candle - Cozy Home Set (623g)

Yankee Candle - Jar (623g, Sun-kissed orange)

Yankee Candle - Jar (623g, Vanilla, Lemon)

Blomus - Duftkerzen (114g, Fresh linen)

pajoma - Anti-Mücke (123g)

Blomus - Fraga (114g)

Yankee Candle - Jar (623g, cedar wood, coconut, exotic blossoms)

WoodWick - ellipse (453.60g, Vanilla, butter rig)

WoodWick - Ellipse (453.60g, Sparkling Aldehydes, freshly squeezed orange, Green Apple, lemon zest)

Yankee Candle - Large Jar (623g)

Yankee Candle - Jar (623g, sugars)