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    5 simple tips for styling your home office

    by Pia Seidel

Office chairs

Considering that many of you stay seated up to 8 hours a day, buying a comfortable, ergonomic office chair to prevent health problems is key. Here's what you should look for when buying a chair for your home office or workspace: the seat must be height-adjustable and rounded, and the backrest should ideally be dynamically adjustable and ergonomically shaped. For children, we recommend purchasing an age-appropriate office chair. You can find them in no time by using the «Target group» filter.

Proper office seating: correct height adjustment of your office chair is crucial for proper posture at work. Although most office chairs feature stepless height adjustment, it's important that you can your arms are at a right angle when you rest them on your desk and your feet are firmly on the ground at the same time. Additional flexibility and comfort are provided by swivel functions, rocking mechanisms and casters. Be sure to adjust the wheels to the surface they're used on (carpet or hard floor). To ensure that the casters glide effortlessly across the floor, purchasing a floor protection mat could be useful. Experts also recommend buying swivel chairs that support dynamic sitting and allow for different positions. Particularly suitable for this purpose are, for example, the swivel chairs and office stools with Capisco saddle seats by HAG or the individually adjustable models by classic office chair brands such as Giroflex, Topstar, König & Neurath or Gautier Office.

Your choice in cover material is also important: leather executive chairs are definitely stylish, but if you're going to be sitting for hours on end, it's better to reach for more breathable fabrics that feel more comfortable against your skin, especially during summer months. Thanks to our «main material cover» filter, you can factor in the seat surface that suits you best.

Are you planning to equip your business with new office chairs? Contact our B2B team for a customised office solution or use the «object suitable» filter to buy suitable ergonomic office chairs.