Key panels

Key panels, also known as key boxes or keyboards, serve the vital function of organizing keys in a secure and accessible manner. These nifty fixtures provide a centralized location for storing keys, which can range from household entry keys to a variety of professional keys used in businesses and institutions. Homeowners appreciate the neatness and security they offer, ensuring they never have to rummage through drawers at the last minute, while businesses value the efficiency and control over access to various areas of their premises.

Our selection of key panels from some of the most trusted brands offers something for everyone. Zeller Present features a robust and stylish key box that easily integrates into any home or office decor. Yamazaki's Smart model combines sleek design with functional simplicity, adding a touch of elegance to the mix. The mon.key grey by Sanni Shoo presents a unique design, combining practicality with a modern aesthetic. Relaxdays provides a secure key box option, perfect for those in need of a safe and reliable storage solution. Lastly, HAKU Möbel's key boxes are renowned for their durability and classic designs, catering to both traditional and contemporary preferences. With such a wide range of models, finding the perfect key panel that meets both aesthetic desires and functional needs is effortless.