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    Pia's Picks: a storage solution that's stacks of fun

    by Pia Seidel

Dressers + Sideboards

Your apartment doesn’t have enough storage space, but you don’t want a large cupboard in your living room? That’s understandable. This is where dressers and sideboards prove very helpful. From bedroom to living room to dining room to entrance hall, this type of furniture design is easy to place anywhere and helps you keep things tidy. Chests of drawers and sideboards take up little space, but create all the more storage space. Drawers and compartments with doors hide your things from the view of curious visitors. By contrast, visible compartments and the storage surface on top can be a great place for decoration, e.g. magazines, plants and decorative objects. But a dresser can also serve as a wardrobe or an addition to it. If the dresser has a drawer for underwear, lingerie and socks and one for sports gear or if you have a large chest of drawers and combine it with a clothes rack, this makes a wardrobe completely superfluous. A dresser can also be useful in the entrance area. There’s room for your keys on the shelf, while your gloves, hats and shoe care products can be stowed in the drawers. Naturally, it's also great because of that miscellaneous drawer for your bits and bobs.

The sideboard is a versatile piece of furniture for the living room, bedroom, office or hallway and is available in various types and designs. A lowboard (up to a height of approx. 50 cm) serves as TV furniture and at the same time as storage space for DVDs, video recorders, etc. A classic sideboard (approx. 50 to 120 cm high) is great to put board games, photo albums and file folders. Cabinets (from 120 cm height) are popular as cupboards for crockery, dishes, cups and mugs as well or tableware in general. The countless types of individual designs offer a wide range of uses. Closed sideboards with drawers or doors hide away things you’d rather not put on display.

Find a chest of drawers or a sideboard that suits your needs in our large selection of brands including Interlink, Kartell, SIT Möbel, Tenzo, Tvilum and many more. To simplify your search, you can filter by dressers or sideboards.