A desk is to a workspace what a bed is to the bedroom Not only does it determine the style and design of the room, but it’s also very important because of its functionality. A desk that is regularly used, e.g. for working remotely in a home office, it’s worth investing in a high-quality office desk.

Another thing that should be considered is the height of the table top. When you’re sitting in your office chair with both feet flat on the ground, your elbows should form a right angle when they’re resting on the table top. If more than one person is working at the desk, height-adjustable desks that adapt to the height of the user are ideal. The highest level of comfort is provided by electronically height-adjustable desks. They usually feature a memory function and are adjustable at the touch of a button to the height you need.

If you have a workroom at home with enough space, a corner desk is a great investment as it offers a large work surface. However, if you plan to place the office desk in your living room or bedroom, an elegant, stylish desk, secretaire or even a console table that blends in with your furniture could be a good choice. Also think about how many documents, files and writing utensils will be stowed away after you’ve finished your office work. A desk with a filing cabinet offers plenty of storage room.

For children, it’s particularly advisable to purchase height-adjustable children's desks that can grow with the little ones and do not cause bad posture.

Our selection of brands such as Contini, Escritorio, Gautier Office, Europe & Nature, Temahome and many others covers a very wide range of products. Whether cheap or expensive, height-adjustable or permanently mounted – it’s easy to buy the right desk from us online. But a good desk alone doesn’t make a pleasant workplace. Make sure that you position your desk correctly – at a right angle to the window provide optimal lighting conditions. In addition, you should get yourself a desk lamp and also take enough time when choosing the right office chair. Feel free to browse our range for inspiration.

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Vasagle industrial computer desk
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Actiforce Aluforce Pro 140 M (170cm)