Elegant silver spoons, classically shaped forks, colourful knives or simple, sturdy sets: The range of cutlery and materials is overwhelming. If you want to enjoy your cutlery set for a long time, you should definitely go for a premium product. Which cutlery type is best for you depends on requirements and use. Apart from the design, the following criteria will help you choose the perfect cutlery set:

Cutlery made of Cromargan is very hard-wearing and scratchproof. Silver cutlery requires more care but is ideal for allergy sufferers as it’s naturally germ-free. Cutlery sets made of polycarbonate are break-proof, lightweight, dishwasher-proof and can even be put in a microwave. The most common cutlery is made of stainless-steel, which makes it corrosion-proof and tarnish-resistant. It is particularly appreciated for its odour and taste neutrality.

How to recognise high-quality cutlery: It feels good in the hand, the edges have a nice finish and the fork arms are polished. When it comes to premium menu cutlery, the surface should be polished or matted and show no porous areas.
Care tips for long cutlery life: Remove any food from the cutlery after eating; do not store in a humid place; always place cutlery in the dishwasher with handles facing down; regularly use regenerating salt to avoid scratching. Cutlery with wooden elements should always be washed by hand and fully left to dry.

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