A Venetian blind or roller blind provides sun protection and screen for your windows. Venetian screens are available in countless colours, patterns, sizes and shapes. From opaque to transparent, the various degrees of transparency help you maintain your privacy or protect your home from strong sunlight or temperatures. There are various types of blinds, such as pleated, roller and Venetian blinds or Persian blinds. Pleated blinds are particularly suitable to keep light out or act as a sun shield. They’re particularly attractive due to the wide range of colours and great designs available. Roller curtains are suitable for completely darkening an entire room, but they’re not as eye-catching as the pleated blinds. Just like blinds with pleats, these screens consist of narrow slats that overlap each other. They come in different materials such as PVC, aluminium or wood, but most of them are made of plastic and thus contribute to thermal insulation. The size of your inner window will help you find the screen that suits your needs. Common measurements range between 50x130 cm, 75x150 cm, 45x130 cm and 100x150 cm. Our best-selling brands are Gardinia, Himla, Sun & Shadow and Micasa. When choosing colours, our customers usually go for white, grey, yellow and dark blue. Find your personal favourite in our wide range of colours.