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Want to buy a beach towel? Holidays at the beach, swimming in the lake or sunbathing on your terrace: a beautiful beach towel is a summer must-have. Our range includes classic terry towels, stylish roundies and handy hammam towels. What all beach towels have in common that they boast beautiful colours and prints. Beach towels with pineapple, melon or palm tree patterns spread a good mood while towels in maritime colours such as blue, red and white stand out with a timeless striped look. They never go out of fashion and make us dream of the past.
The advantage of a terry towel is that it's often made of highest-quality cotton, available with uni-coloured or colourful design and in an elongated shape that's perfect for lying down on. Round beach towels, so-called roundies, are also becoming more and more popular. Colourful and round, they spice up the selection of beach towels in our shop. Roundies aren't only eye catchers at the lake or beach, they also double as a picnic blanket or bedcover. Hammam towels are the most convenient of all beach towels: roll them up small and they'll fit in your handbag and are easy to carry around with you. Some hammam towels come with a terry towelling on one side and light terrycloth on the other, giving them a good absorbency while remaining lightweight. They dry quickly and can be packed up into your bag again in no time, which also makes them ideally suited as sports towels.

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Today - Spirit (100 x 190 cm)

Today - Spirit (100 x 190 cm)

Today - Spirit (100 x 190 cm)

Today - Spirit (100 x 190 cm)

Today - Spirit (100 x 190 cm)

Lasa Switzerland - LEA (100 x 180 cm)

Lasa Switzerland - PIA (100 x 180 cm)

Sunnylife - Luxe Towel Kasbah (90 x 175 cm)

Lasa Switzerland - RIA (100 x 180 cm)

Calvin Klein Jeans - Core Lifestyle - KU0KU00065

Sunnylife - Fouta Towel Kasbah (90 x 175 cm)

Sunnylife - Luxe Towel Dolce Vita (175 x 90 cm)

Lasa Switzerland - JOY (100 x 180 cm)

Lasa Switzerland - ZOE (100 x 180 cm)

Lasa Switzerland - LYA gestreift blau (100 x 180 cm)