Best products in the Utility knives category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Stanley Cutter

Blade is fixed by a small threaded screw for greater safety and precision during cutting. DynaGrip handle made of bi-material for safe working without slipping. High-performance blade (width 25 mm, thickness 0.7 mm) for demanding applications. Each blade has 6 breakable segments. 1 spare blade included. 

Stanley Cutter (Cutters)
Utility knives
Quantity discount
12.30 per piece for 2 units

Stanley Cutter


2. Wolfcraft Standard snap-off blades Knives

Increased safety due to stable metal guide of the blade. Lockable slider. Removable cap for safe breaking of the blade. Blade height 18 mm.

Wolfcraft Standard snap-off blades Knives (Cutters)
Utility knives
Quantity discount
2.85 per piece for 4 units

Wolfcraft Standard snap-off blades Knives


3. Knipex CutiX

90 10 165 BK Knipex CutiX Innovative and variably extendable stabilisation bar: versatile, precise, and faster cutting. Exert targeted pressure on the back of the blade without risk of injury, no unintentional bending or breaking of the blade. Robust, durable magnesium housing: as light as plastic, strong as die-cast aluminium. Fixed blade due to high-quality blade locking: Secure fit when cutting, pushing and scraping. Handy: 165 mm long, weight approx. 111 g. Original equipment with high quality snap-off blades with two spare blades in the handle drawer which can be changed without any tools. Suitable for standard 18 mm blade types: smooth, curved and with hooks. Fits comfortably in the hand due to its slim shape and numerous grip zones: firm and non-slip grip, comfortable hold. Flat, ergonomic slides seperately for blade and stabilisation bar, no accidental activation of the slides. Realible blade holder: Secure hold of the blade thanks to hardened steel pin. When the rear end of the handle is closed, the blade slider and blade cannot slip out. Tether attachment point for tool protection with Knipex Tethered Tools System. 

4. HAZET Folding knife 2157-3

Use in workshop, industry, warehouse or hobby. Blade fixation when unfolded - no accidental folding possible. Aluminium handle with finger recesses. Blade made of high-quality stainless steel. Light and handy. Practical belt clip. 

HAZET Folding knife 2157-3 (Cutters)
Utility knives
Quantity discount
12.10 per piece for 2 units

HAZET Folding knife 2157-3


5. NT Cutter A-300GRP - Cutter

The cutter from NT has a blade with slide mechanism, blade lock "Auto-Lock" and a clip with integrated blade breaker. The sharp blade enables precise working. Metal blade guide. Aluminium grey. Suitable for right- and left-handers. Supplied with 1 blade. Suitable for engravings. 

NT Cutter A-300GRP - Cutter (Cutters)
Utility knives
Quantity discount
6.85 per piece for 3 units

NT Cutter A-300GRP - Cutter


6. NT Cutter circle cutter iC-1500P

Variable circle cutter made of ABS, for paper, cardboard, foils, leather and fabric, for circle diameters from 18 - 170 mm, with centre point support or centering needle, incl. 5 blades 45°. 

7. Black & Decker BCRC115-XJ

Smooth, precise cuts of many different materials such as cardboard, fabric, carpet, paper, vinyl, linen, plastic. Anti-slip handle. Self-sharpening blade offers versatility when cutting a wide range of materials. Safety switch prevents accidental start-up. Via USB-C charging port & cable with any smartphone/USB charging cable. 

8. Stanley Knife FatMax XL

The FatMax XL 2-in-1 has two retractable blades: a hook blade and a trapezoid blade. This allows it to be used in a variety of ways. The blades can be fixed in five positions. The ergonomic handle design with soft plastic inserts provide high control and a secure grip. The sturdy zinc die-cast housing is lightweight and corrosion resistant. 

9. ToughBuilt 2in1 Scraper & Cutter

Toughbuilt 2in1 scraper & cutter combination of scraper and knife - scraper setting removes paint, putty, adhesives and labels from windows, mirrors, tiles and more - quick switch to knife function with a short thumb movement on the push button - robust handle made of metal ensures a long service life - blades are easily changed with the quick-change system Scope of delivery: 5 pcs universal blades. 

10. Magnetoplan Scalpel

Transotype scalpel, length: 150 mm, incl. 5 replacement blades, made of aluminium, incl. protective cap, on blister card.

Magnetoplan Scalpel (Cutters)
Utility knives
Quantity discount
5.10 per piece for 3 units

Magnetoplan Scalpel