Best products in the Photo paper category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Canon RP-108

This 100 x 148 mm print format is commonly used in albums and photo frames. In the package are 108 prints in standard postcard format.

Canon RP-108 (120 g/m², Photo (10x15cm), 108 x)
Photo paper

Canon RP-108

120 g/m², Photo (10x15cm), 108 x


2. HP Sprocket Fotopapier Zink

Turn your unforgettable moments into smudge-proof, colourful snapshots or stickers in 5 x 7.6 cm format with HP ZINK Photo Paper. Just put the paper in your HP Sprocket photo printer and print photos you can share with friends and family. 

HP Sprocket Fotopapier Zink (290 g/m², Photo (5x7.6cm), 50 x)
Photo paper

HP Sprocket Fotopapier Zink

290 g/m², Photo (5x7.6cm), 50 x


3. Canon KP-36IP

Ideal for the album or the picture frame.

Canon KP-36IP (260 g/m², Photo (10x15cm), 36 x)
Photo paper
Quantity discount
13.50per piece for 2 units

Canon KP-36IP

260 g/m², Photo (10x15cm), 36 x


4. Canon Zinc ZP-2030

Simply insert the zinc photo paper into the Canon Zoemini and then turn the snapshots from your mobile phone or tablet into coveted souvenirs, gifts and decorations. The innovative technology of zinc photo paper in perfect size immediately provides smudge, water and tear resistant photos without ink and effort - ideal for printing on the go and for all pictures you like to share. The prints can be used almost anywhere - simply peel off the protective film on the back and stick it onto the mobile phone cover, laptop or furniture. It doesn't get any more personal than that. 

Canon Zinc ZP-2030 (Photo (5x7.6cm), 50 x)
Photo paper

Canon Zinc ZP-2030

Photo (5x7.6cm), 50 x


5. Polaroid Instant film Hi-Print 2x3

Paper cartridge with 20 films for the Polaroid Originals Hi photo printer. Dye sublimation technology for beautiful, vibrant images. High quality printing. Prints photos on self-adhesive photo paper. Pocket size, ideal for travel. Built-in Bluetooth technology for pairing with the app. 

Polaroid Instant film Hi-Print 2x3 (Photo (5.4x8.6cm), 20 x)
Photo paper

Polaroid Instant film Hi-Print 2x3

Photo (5.4x8.6cm), 20 x


6. Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer Paper

The ZINK photo paper has been treated with a water and tear resistant polymeric protective layer. Ink-free printing. Self-adhesive design. Unique images, no need to wait. 

Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer Paper (5 x 7.6 cm, 20 x)
Photo paper

Xiaomi Mi Portable Photo Printer Paper

5 x 7.6 cm, 20 x


7. Canon KP-108IN

The Canon Multipack KP-108IN consists of the three ink cartridges (cyan, magenta, yellow) and photo paper. This set is suitable for Canon Selphy CP730, CP720, CP710, CP600, CP510, CP500, CP400, CP220, CP300, CP200 and CP100 printers. 

Canon KP-108IN (Photo (10x15cm), 108 x)
Photo paper

Canon KP-108IN

Photo (10x15cm), 108 x


8. Epson Premium Glossy

Do not compromise when choosing your photo paper. Show off your photos in their true beauty with this Premium Glossy Photo Paper. From epic landscapes to esteemed family events, this superior, high-quality photographic paper provides the perfect finishing touch. The resin-coated paper not only looks special, but also feels extraordinary thanks to its weight of 255 g/m². The quality of the Premium Glossy Photo Paper always guarantees outstanding results. Everyone can benefit from Epson's know-how. 

Epson Premium Glossy (255 g/m², Photo (10x15cm), 80 x)
Photo paper
Quantity discount

Epson Premium Glossy

255 g/m², Photo (10x15cm), 80 x


9. Canon Circle ZP-2030-2C-20

ZINK paper for photo printer Canon Zoemini. 20 sheets (40 stickers). Round stickable (diameter = 33mm / 290g/m2).

Canon Circle ZP-2030-2C-20 (290 g/m², 20 x)
Photo paper

Canon Circle ZP-2030-2C-20

290 g/m², 20 x


10. HP Q2510A

HP Standard Photo Paper is ideal for everyday colour photo printing at an attractive price. This recyclable, glossy paper dries quickly and is suitable for all inkjet printers. Create calendars, photo cubes and more with HP Photo Creations software.